Faroe Island

In the previous instalment of Kossie’s top eight places to visit in autumn 2018, we talked about some amazing places to visit over the coming months. Today, we are bringing you four more wonderful places to escape to during the autumn season this year!

Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital and most populated city in Denmark, Copenhagen has plenty to see and do on your visit. Score that perfect Insta-worthy snap of the quirky, colourful houses overlooking the tranquil canals or get the adrenaline flowing at Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world. Keep an eye out for the opportunity to visit Noma 2.0, the restaurant that changes with the seasons. Delicious seafood dishes are served during the first half of the year, changing to a vegetable menu from late June to mid-September. Now, the restaurant is into the season of game.

Vágar, Faroe Islands

Home to Mykines, known as the “paradise of birds”, the island of Vágar is the third largest of the Faroe Islands and boasts some of the best vista views in the world. A hiker’s paradise, Vágar is the nesting place of migratory seabirds including puffins and gannets. Journey across the island soaking up the incredible sights and sounds of this old Viking home; check out the mysterious mountain lake (Fjallavatn) in the Northern sector of the island or hike to Bøssdalsfossur, a beautiful waterfall that tumbles from the Faroe Islands’ largest lake Sørvágsvatn down to the sea below.

Podgorica, Montenegro

Found nestled amongst five rivers, the Cijevna, Moraca, Ribnica, Sitnica and Zeta, Podgorica is the capital city and cultural centre of Montenegro. While the city has existed for centuries, many of the buildings were rebuilt after the destruction caused by WWII. The major attractions of Podgorica are the National Park Skardarsko and the biggest lake in Balkan, Skadar Lake. A nature lover’s dream, the park is home to an incredible population of stunning flora and fauna, many extremely rare.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital city of Argentina, this South American paradise is a haven for holiday-goers with its spectacular sights and rich, interesting history. One of the most diverse cities across all the Americas, Buenos Aires offers a wealth of amazing architectural gems and art. Make sure to check out The Cabildo, a colonial town hall dating back to 1580, and The Metropolitan Cathedral for some awe-inspiring, historic locations.

So, ditch your Monday Blues, adventure to a different part of the world and take a trip to remember with Kossie’s top eight locations to visit this autumn. Learn something new, make some wonderful memories and indulge yourself in a culture completely different from your own.

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