10 Entrepreneur Quotes that Helps You Breaking the Perfectionism Procrastination

Wanting to achieve perfection should be good right? Well not always. Perfectionism is only healthy to the extent when it motivates us to perform better and be more productive. However, oftentimes, it also puts on the psychological and emotional toll of always achieving more and more… to a point where perfect does not even exist but is just an excuse for us to overwork and overstress ourselves… I’m sure some of you who are high-achieving entrepreneurs may be reading this right now and nodding to yourself. So here are 10 quotes from entrepreneurs that we’ve interviewed that hopefully can help you break the perfectionism procrastination!

1. Inspired by Sailor Bailey, Wellness Advocate


2. Inspired by Carli Wheatley, Founder, Paleo Supply

3.  Inspired by Sunny Tan, Business Partner, Maison ES

4. Inspired by Alex Chung, Co-founder, Stryde

5. Inspired by James Knappett, Head Chef, Kitchen Table

6. Inspired by Karen Chung, Founder, Kossie

7. Inspired by Natalie Soderstrom, Model & Wellness Coach

8. Inspired by Philippa Thackeray, Founder, Paper London

9. Inspired by Alice Carder, Career Coach 

10. Inspired by Nat van Zee, International Makeup Artist

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