Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed that one of the most famous television shows is coming back…SEX AND THE CITY!

The show aired from 1998 to 2004 (yes, it’s been that long), with a couple of movies as follow ups. Now, it’s back, minus one of the main characters we might add. While some one SATC is very ‘of its time’, a lot of the show is not only entertaining, but useful too. It taught us so many things about friendship, sex and careers as we watched the girls figure it all out.

At one time, every group of friends were having conversations about which character they most identified with. However, don’t you think there’s a little bit of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha in all of us? We have pulled together 16 life lessons we can learn from the New York girls themselves. I wonder what new lessons we’ll learn with the new iteration?


If you identify with…Carrie

If you identify with…Charlotte

If you identify with…Samantha

If you identify with…Miranda



Section 1

4 Lessons We Can Learn from Carrie

#1 Be body confident!

Carrie made us salivate over her wardrobe and she was bold with it. Life is too short to worry about whether your outfit is too much – wear the dress!

#2 Know your worth.

Carrie always stood up for what she believed she was worth and didn’t take any bullsh*t – channel this!

#3 Stay true to yourself.

Throughout all of Carrie’s tough times with friends, work and relationships, she never lost sight of who she was and maintained her personal values. Don’t lose yourself.

#4 Keep close to your friends.

This is what SATC is all about! The four of them went through ups and downs but always came out stronger together.


Section 2

4 Lessons We Can Learn from Charlotte

#1 Looks aren’t everything.

When Charlotte met Harry, she said she couldn’t date him due to his looks. However, she ended up falling hard for him. Give them a chance?

#2 Don’t force things to happen.

Charlotte left her husband after rushing into a marriage because she wanted the ‘perfect life’. Go with your gut and don’t rush your life.

#3 There can be a ‘happily ever after’.

Charlotte taught us that. But only if you’re prepared to wait for it – things don’t just fall into your lap.

#4 It’s okay to want love.

There is a lot of pressure to be a high-flyer in your career and to be a go-getting woman – but if you just want a husband and kids, that’s okay too!



Section 3

4 Lessons We Can Learn from Samantha

#1 Go after what you want.

Remember that episode where Samantha stayed at a restaurant til closing time and even paid off another single woman so that she hit on the hot waiter? That’s commitment.

#2 You come first.

Samantha had a good relationship with Smith, but didn’t want to continue with it due to her own feelings. Even if you’re in a good place, listen to your intuition and put yourself first.

#3 Don’t make your whole life about finding ‘The One’.

Samantha showed us how fun life can be WITHOUT a man – don’t waste your time missing out on experiences while you’re searching for Mr Right.

#4 Be honest.

Samantha is the QUEEN of being direct and tells it like it is. Some people might not like it, but it will definitely pay off.



Section 4

4 Lessons We Can Learn from Miranda

#1 You should let people in.

Miranda pushed Steve away for the longest time because she was so cynical. Finally, she let him in and fell HARD.

#2 It’s worth forgiving people.

Miranda forgave Steve and they ended up back together – sometimes it’s the best thing to do!

#3 Tell your friends the truth.

Miranda was unfiltered and gave it to her friends straight. They will thank you for it in the end!

#4 It’s okay to treat yourself!

Throughout SATC, Miranda had a major sweet tooth. Good for her. Take a lesson from Miranda and eat the ice cream if you want it.


What did you learn from watching Sex and the City the first time around? Are you looking forward to the next series?

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