Our skin is often linked to an outward portrayal of beauty and good health. It is no small wonder then, that issues such as eczema or cause of acne can take a toll on your confidence.

You don’t have to have perfect skin, but if it’s affecting your everyday life and your mental health, you must approach your feelings about it in a healthy and self-care-filled way to rebuild your confidence – even taking small steps like keeping clear skin overnight. Here are some tips to get you there:-

1. Switch off

Modern living means social media, and with that come super HD filters, sophisticated editing and Instagram models. Unfortunately though, this gives rise to unrealistic expectations. This increases the pressure for constant perfection which makes us more aware of our skin than ever before. You may end up feeling like you are the only person in the world with your skin problem, when in fact, 60% of Brits suffer, or have suffered from a skin disease! If scrolling through social media and looking at pictures is getting you down, it’s worth logging out and taking a step back.

2. Talk to people, don’t isolate yourself

Discussing your skin issues with someone you trust will help share the burden of worry and leave you feeling much more confident in your own skin. Discussing it with friends, family and your GP can be insightful and quite a relief! There are also many online forums which can provide valuable resources for sufferers of many skin problems.

3. Change your routine

Establishing and maintaining a cleansing routine that’s suitable for your skin type is so important when it comes to managing problems and building confidence. What you’re using may be exacerbating the issue and you may need medicated products from your doctor. Once you’re clear on what the root of your skin problem is, you’ll be free to experiment to find products and a routine that works for you.

4. Perception is key

Sometimes, other people’s perceptions of your appearance are incredibly different from your own and all too often, you can be a little too harsh on yourself. Chances are, you may be working yourself up about something that other people aren’t giving a second thought to. It’s worth remembering that not all attention is focused on you – give yourself room to relax!

5. Put yourself first

You must break the cycle of negativity. Instead of telling yourself you are ugly or not good enough, it’s time to give yourself a positive boost. This can be as simple as writing a short list of things you like about yourself. Remember – your self-worth isn’t defined by your appearance! What are your talents? What is the best part of your personality? As you begin to spend more time working on yourself, confidence will gradually be rebuilt.

I hope this post helps you if you’re struggling with your skin at the moment. I completely understand the stress and low self-confidence that it can cause. Hopefully before long, you will feel your body becoming stronger and your thought processes becoming more positive. You’ll realize that confidence in your skin will come as a result of loving yourself.

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