50 Thoughts that What Men Think of Highly Sexual Women

Oftentimes, there is an egregious misconception that women with high sex drive are dirty, uneducated and desperate. You often hear people insulting them far too often with names such as slut, whore or tramp. But for women with low sex drive, people would say they are unattractive, boring and conservative. I wholeheartedly believe this is a stereotype that needs to be dismantled. Not all women (who like sex) are of a low-class and/or unsophisticated. Look at Samantha Jones (from Sex and the City), Marilyn Monroe or even your girlfriends, for example. I am sure these women who love sex are lovely people and living a good life. They are hardworking working professionals, your guidance counsellors, the effervescent social butterflies and, above all, the kitty Kat within the sheets. In all fairness – what’s not to love about these ladies? It is about time that we stopped this sexist mockery. Women should be placed on an equal pedestal as men because they deserve it and everyone needs to recognize that. Why can’t she be THE woman, instead of the man? As a man, I completely understand a woman’s biological need for sex because deep down, we’re all human beings…  In general, straight/bisexual men seem to applaud sexually active women, and it is something to appreciate, not discriminate. Ladies, it is completely fine to express yourself and live your life! Here are 50 responses from various men across the world to ease your unfounded anxiety about being labelled a “slut”:-

  1. “Damn…. she’s great.” 27, Hong Kong.
  2. “I wanna bang her and date her. Where on earth is she?” 28, Hong Kong.
  3. “Depends if she is good looking or not.” 33, Hong Kong.
  4. “Women with high sex drive are hot up to a level wherein men feel they toned to chase them a little bit… it’s an odd balance between biological machoism and an insatiable hunger for sex.” 39, Italy.
  5. “Well, depends on their age…” 39, Hong Kong.
  6. “I think having high sex drive is fine as long as it’s not affecting daily activities.” 28, Hong Kong.
  7. “It’s completely normal, lol” 33, Canada.
  8. “It’s so cool! I’ll really like that woman.” 38, Hong Kong.
  9. “I like it! Makes her all the more attractive” 29, United States.
  10. “It’s normal. Everyone’s needs are different, so can’t judge anyone.” 29, China
  11. “I don’t know… but I like sex.” 46, Japan.
  12. “I think women with strong sex drive are great. Usually, they also tend to be curious, intelligent and interesting.” 33, Italy.

  13. “It’s tricky… Let’s say she is my girlfriend. If we are both in the same location, then its’ good. If she’s not around, then it’s not so good.” 28, Hong Kong.
  14. “If she’s hot, it’s good! If not, don’t touch me!” 29, Hong Kong.
  15. “Don’t like it because if I don’t meet her often enough, she probably has to go elsewhere and meet her needs.” 41, Hong Kong
  16. “Women have a strong sex drive=normal? Because it’s not like controllable?” 19, Malaysia.
  17. “Healthy is the first word that came to my mind. There’s definitely a clear correlation between how well a woman deals with her sexuality and how career-independent she is.” 28, Hong Kong.
  18. “I love it! Having sex drive is important, especially in conjunction with a good chemistry. This is something valuable and to be cherished.” 34, Italy.
  19. “I have no comments…Having sex drive regardless of whether you’re successful or a woman should have no correlation to each other.” 26, Hong Kong.
  20. “Certainly not common, but I wouldn’t think that’s not ordinary. People have different appetite, after all.” 35, Hong Kong.
  21. “I think these women are lovely….” 38, Belgium
  22. “It’s totally normal, nothing wrong with that.” 40, United Kingdom.
  23. “I think having a high sex drive is just fine as long as it does not affect daily activities, lol” 33, Hong Kong.
  24. “Completely fine. I happen to have a very high sex drive myself. It is the ones with a low sex drive that are the freaks!” 31, USA.
  25. “Never met any of them….” 37, Vietnam.
  26. “Cool… just look for a man that is able to satisfy her needs.” 50, Hong Kong.
  27. “I love them. One night four times, please!” 36, United States
  28. “This is normal, biological instinct. Just like some men are very virile while others will be impotent, women will have strong and weak sexual desire.” 24, Australia.
  29. “Having sex is just for fun and does not put too much emotion in this relationship.” 23, China.
  30. “Can you please calm down? I don’t understand you.” 23, Korea.
  31. “I like it, I like it, I like it!” 28, France.
  32. “Because I have a strong sexual desire myself, women with strong sexual desires can satisfy each other.” 28, Hong Kong.
  33. “It’s normal and natural”, 44, Hong Kong.
  34. “I like it! She’s most definitely a dating material!”19, Germany.
  35. “How do I get them to marry me? Or better still, how do I get them to come over night?” 31, United States.
  36. “Well… that’s just being human. Some have low and others have high. It’s a spectrum. Having said that, I do love one with a high drive.” 38, India.
  37. “I like it!  I’d have rather high sex drive as well!” 37, Czech Republic.
  38. “It is okay, I don’t mind! As long as you’re a woman and not ladyboy.” 33, Germany.
  39. “I think they’re great!” 34, Australia
  40. “High sex drive is fine. If you’re well protected with a condom, then have as much as you want.” 35, United Kingdom.
  41. “I think that’s fine! Even if they’re ugly, I think women with high drive are beautiful.” 31, United Kingdom.
  42. “I think women with a high sex drive must be very fit, as it makes for a very good exercise!” 38, United Kingdom.

  43. “I think it’s normal. If men can have a high sex drive, why can’t women? Hah!” 33, Philippines
  44. “I like that because they’ll enjoy having sex with me.” 36, Hong Kong.
  45. “Definite high sex drive, lol” 28, Hong Kong.
  46. “For your question… hmm… I think all women should be like this. Cite me a six example of a guy who won’t like this situation.” 36, Switzerland.
  47. “Well, that depends on the woman. I don’t know about women driving and having sex!” 44, Indonesia.
  48. “I think that’s great! If you find a friend with a high sex drive, then do let me know!” 40, Hong Kong.
  49. “It’s normal. You’re irritating me. Please go away.” 55, Australia.
  50. “Haha.. ok, ok, Sadly, I think there are few of them and rather hard to reach…” 39, France.

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