Aren’t men an interesting bunch? On the one hand, they are needy folks who desperately want girls, sex and attention, but on the other hand, they can drop you in a second… heartless. Why is this the case? Is Mr. Stud lonely or just popular? It’s such a contradiction. What motivates men to have multiple sex partners? The physical sensation, emotional bond, heightened sense of masculinity or the opportunity to devastate a woman after being blocked on WhatsApp for no apparent reason? I think men like to consider themselves as kings. They do whatever they want, to whomever they want, and don’t feel guilty at all for the damage they’ve done. However, I could be wrong. Maybe, sex is a drug, and they have a lot to escape from, be it the challenges at work or their relationships. Should women give them a mercy fu*k? Could society be responsible for turning men into sexual predators? After all, no guy wants to turn 30 and say they’ve never had sex. Maybe, we should review the responses to get an understanding of the penis.

  1. “I want more sex partners because I can’t always see one of them all the time. She has her own life.” 33, M, Hong Kong
  2. “That’s a good question. No guy knows the answer.” 34, M, U.S.A
  3. “Just looking to have some fun.” 38, M, Hong Kong
  4. “I just want to bang a lot of girls… But I don’t have many sex partners.” 37, M, Hong Kong
  5. “I guess they want to experience new things… occasionally have fun.” 18, F, Hong Kong
  6. “Well, I don’t know, some guys get lonely and want it a lot. I happen to be one of them. But I haven’t had sex or even shared nudes in the longest time… so yeah, I’ve gotten used to being alone.” 22, M, U.S.A.
  7. “Lol…. we are dogs, and we need to hump anything and everything in sight.” 25, M, U.S.A.
  8. “I guess they don’t want to be in a committed relationship.” 25, F, Hong Kong
  9. “Maybe, they think the sex is unsatisfactory… That’s why they want to see other people.” 28, F, Hong Kong
  10. “I’m not sure, actually… I wouldn’t want men to have multiple sex partners.” 21, F, Hong Kong
  11. “There’s an animal like aggression instinct in me that makes me want to bang a girl really hard.” 25, M, U.S.A.
  12. “I think ego is a big reason why they want to have multiple sex partners. It makes them more manly, I suppose.” 24, F, U.K.
  13. “Some guys are immature… they don’t care about how girls would feel if they use her for sex.” 23, F, India
  14. “I don’t know…. guys are always horny as f___.” 20, F, China
  15. “I guess it’s because I can have sex multiple days of the week… it relaxes me as my job is stressful and boring.” 33, M, Hong Kong

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  16. “It’s all about hormones…guys are naturally horny and desperate for sex.” 53, M, U.K.
  17. “It’s because I don’t have a girlfriend.” 31, M, Hong Kong
  18. “Lol, that’s a genetic issue because humans are still animals. Males are responsible for reproduction. Sex is a necessity like eating or drinking.” 30, M, Hong Kong
  19. “Men like physical activity, whether it is hiking, going to the gym or eating. They are not very emotional. Hence, sex makes them feel physically good.” 21, M, Hong Kong
  20. “Easy, I just want to have sex, especially with you.” 32, M, Hong Kong
  21. “I’m never concerned about having too many partners. But, I like to have fun, naughty and hot sex with the right girl. I want different-sex partners, but it’s difficult.” 26, M, U.K.
  22. “I think it’s human nature for men to have multiple sex partners. Men have always loved sex.” 33, M, Hong Kong
  23. “Because it feels good…” 35, M, Hong Kong
  24. “I need to have sex because lately, I’ve been really stressed…” 32, M, Hong Kong
  25. “It feels goods… better than watching porn all day.” 33, M, Hong Kong
  26. “Men want to feel like men…. it is hard for them to find a girl to fall in love with due to the rise of feminism. Society wants men and women to be equal, making it difficult for guys to be romantic and take care of women.” 28, M, U.S.A
  27. “A science teacher once explained that men who have a high sex drive are fertile. It makes them look heroic, masculine and attractive. Therefore, men want sex all the time.” 31, M, Hong Kong
  28. “SEX FEELS GOOD! Self-explanatory.” 24, F, India
  29. “Men want breasts, women want romance, it’s natural for guys to have multiple partners.” 32, M, Hong Kong
  30. “Testosterone, I guess.” M, 27, Canada
  31. “I think men and women are always looking for more sex. I guess people are horny…” 27, M, U.S.A.
  32. “I guess men are sluts. For me, my girlfriend and I don’t have a lot of sex and I want more… That’s why I want multiple sex partners.” 35, M, Hong Kong
  33. “I’m not always super horny. But… If I feel like banging, I would want to do it with more girls. It’s sort of a fantasy because I want to have lots of sex.” 19, M, U.S.A.
  34. “Because they’re horny…Btw, I just asked to see cleavage.” 19, M, U.S.A.
  35. “It’s normal, I guess. I have no clue. I think it’s better if men get to know women on a personal level rather than a physical one.” 32, M U.S.A.
  36. “Sex is on a guy’s mind 80% of the time. It’s in our nature.” 25, M, U.S.A.
  37. “To be honest, I don’t know why we’re like that…Morbid, maybe?” 24, M, U.S.A.
  38. “I don’t know… maybe guys are just hornier.” 16, M, U.S.A.
  39. “That’s easy. Sex is fun. Sex is shameful. Sex means you are popular. Wouldn’t you want to have multiple partners?” 41, M, Mexico.
  40. “I think it has a lot to do with curiosity and ego. One, sex is fun, second, it feels good, three, it makes them feel like a man. It’s a good way to show off one’s status amongst guy friends.” 22, M, Hong Kong

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  41. “I guess it’s because guys have a high sexual appetite? Sex is relieves stress. It’s fun. It’s also a good way to ease loneliness without having to date someone.” 24, M, Hong Kong
  42. “Perhaps, men want many sex partners because they want to feel loved, attractive and important. It’s fun as well, which is a second reason.” 21, M, Hong Kong
  43. ” It is because sex is often seen as a fantasy… it feels good. Many men want different partners because people have different boundaries, body types and personalities. It is like trying out different dishes on different days.” 54, M, India
  44. “Sometimes, men feel lonely and bored. That’s why they want multiple sex partners.” 32, M, Hong Kong
  45. “All men are bad… They will use you for sex. That’s why men are not monogamists.” 32, M, Hong Kong
  46. “A lot of men only want sex. It’s the truth, and they’ll block you after you fall in love.” 18, M, U.S.A.
  47. “I guess men just love to take advantage of women. I’m young, and I’ve learned a lot.” 18, M, U.S.A.
  48. “They might have a girlfriend already… so they want multiple partners as extras.” 42, M, U.K.
  49. “I don’t know…. why don’t women want multiple sex partners?” 32, M, Hong Kong
  50. “I think men who have multiple partners are great! They probably want to have sex with a lot of girls to kill time, relax and have some fun. It is nothing to be ashamed of.” 21, M, Hong Kong

To conclude, men seem to want multiple sex partners because of boredom, physical sensation and the boost of ego from their male companions. “Sex is on a guy’s mind 80% of the time” or “Men are sluts” makes me wonder if sex should not be taken personally even though it’s a very intimate experience. A lot of women may say they’ve been taken advantage of because guys have no emotions or romance towards their girl/boyfriends. I wonder if women should withhold sex from them until they bring some sort of a relationship collateral. They should be treated as a human and not as a sex toy, regardless of how horny or desperate a man is feeling.

A common way people tackle this problem is to ignore those horny bastards and not be cheated on again. I hope women have the strength to say NO. On the other hand, women are free to use men for sex in the same way. The point is that sex is sacred. People should be honest with their intentions before hopping on to the bed. Having multiple sex partners is fantastic if those relationships are authentic. It makes men and women look like real studs and sluts of power. Being unethical and fraudulent leads to a lifetime of problems if you simply don’t give a f***. I think sex should be real, not forced because you can’t get your sh** together. Women are human beings and not unpaid prostitutes. Thank you, next ;)

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