How To Have The Balls To Just Go For It?

Even as ambitious women, it can sometimes be daunting to take a big step in your career – to simply take a risk and GO FOR IT. Maybe someone has told you that what you want to achieve is ‘impossible’ or ‘unrealistic’. Did you know that hearing those words should only increase the fire in your belly to prove everyone wrong, rather than dialling back your goals and dreams? So, how do you just take life by the scruff of the neck and dive in head first with confidence? We spoke to three successful entrepreneurs on how to do just that.  

Dawn Myers, Founder & CEO, THE MOST

Q: Have you ever gotten into a situation where you doubt yourself in life?

I absolutely have doubted myself! I used to turn in assignments late all the time in school because of deep insecurities around my academic prowess. I would get paralysed around the possibility of turning in anything less than perfect for fear of criticism and reprimand in a highly competitive (and perhaps somewhat racist) prep school environment. All these years later, I still suffer from the same. When important investor deadlines loom, I freeze and it takes me hours or even days or weeks longer to complete a task than it should. Entrepreneurship has forced me to call attention to this pattern and start to unravel it. I have a long way to go, but I take solace in the fact that this isn't some uncontrollable personality trait. Like everything else, with work and diligence, I know I will see progress.

#1 tips to live your life with balls: Push your limits

Honestly, I believe that acquiring the balls to go for it starts way before you have your first big idea. It comes from trying and failing a dozen other times and figuring out how to pick yourself back up and give it another go. It comes from being laughed at and fighting through the embarrassment to realise some intuitive inkling on the inside of you. It comes from being pushed to your limits a million times before you ever register your company or start a business plan. Having the balls to go for it comes from realizing your intrinsic worth and valuing what's inside of you more than the world's opinion. It comes from gathering up all your pain and tribulations and transforming it into indomitable forward momentum.

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