How to get hired and stand out from the crowds?

Have you ever sat in an interview room against a panel of people and wondered: ‘What are they looking for? What’s the one thing I can bring to the table to make them remember me?’. A job search can be a minefield and it can be difficult to know how to play it, especially when those interviewing you keep their cards close to their chest. Wouldn’t it be great to get inside the minds of those people who hold the key to your next step in your career? We’ve got you covered. We spoke to three successful founders to find out how to get hired and what exactly it is that will get you through the door.  

Hannah Russell, Founder & CEO of Glowday: Mental Agility

‘I am a science teacher turned founder, so have had to reassess what traits I deem important in recent years. Five years ago, knee deep in educating teens, academic rigour, the ability to regurgitate information and conform, with a hefty dose of perfectionism were what the system called for. These have little to no value in a startup.’ ‘Layered on top of the raw ability to do a job, I look for traits that signal a potential hire will add value to the whole business. Mentally agile, opportunistic and optimistic people appeal. Glowday launched during a pandemic, our team have had to pivot and pivot again! The ability to think hard, fast and problem solve has proved crucial. ‘ ‘I also look for people who are vocal and take responsibility, for their mistakes and their successes.  I want people who challenge the status quo and speak up when they have an idea or think something isn’t right.’ ‘Candidates who have overcome tough times and display grit and determination are attractive. They have fire in their belly and they are not going to give up easily. I also want our team to love what they do and really believe in the Glowday proposition, so passion and commitment are essential. We are all “all in”!’  

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