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3 Real Reasons Why You Are Feeling Monday Blues

You hit the snooze button on your alarm clock on a Monday more than you do on any other weekday. You don’t want to drag yourself out of bed, but you are compelled to. You are feeling anxious and that Monday has longer hours and, during those agonisingly long hours, you wait for the day to end. Luckily, you are not alone because, not long ago, I was where you are right now. It’s pretty normal for this to happen to at least 99% of us. Here are my observations on why you are feeling Monday Blues:-

1. Only work for $$$

Obviously, you have to earn money in order to live an acceptable life! Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you should quit your job, lower your standard of living, or travel the world. The point I am trying to make here is that if you work for money, you can only be happy on pay days. Unless you have multiple streams of income, pay day normally comes once a month. In addition, you are sitting in your office for 260 working days in a year. Given this circumstance, you will have 1 pay day x 12 months = 12 days that will generate happiness from work in a year. I do not deny the idea that money can bring you some sense of happiness. For instance, when you have had your eyes on a pair of shoes for a long time, and you can finally afford them after pay day arrives. However, you can’t also work for money with the sole intention of  buying things. You may probably ask me, “What I should work for then?” and that leads us to point two.

2. Not do what you love

Again, if the intention of your work is just to make money, you will probably end up resenting your work. The next question you must ask yourself is, “What do I (genuinely) love to do?” and “Which industry am I most interested in?” Trust me – there must be something that you love doing so much that makes you forget to look at your watch. During my college life, I was studying footwear design. As this is what I love to do, I did not mind staying up all night just to come up with different shoe designs. In those moments you never feel the need to check your phone (if you are addicted to your mobile phone like me). In other words, if you work on something you love, you will want to spend all of your energy on your task and it will help you unlock your full potential. However, in case you are still not sure about what you truly love, you can always start writing down all your dreams in a journal.

3. Lack of job satisfaction

If you walk into your office at 9 in the morning feeling anxious and all that comes to your mind is how many hours are left until you are allowed to head back home, it means your job doesn’t provide you with any satisfaction. In other words, you are apparently not very excited about your work. That’s why you are always suffering from Monday Blues and trying to plan your next holiday. No matter which industry you belong to, your job should provide you with a sense of satisfaction. However, in case you have doubts on how achieve satisfaction when you leave work, refer to point two – do what you love! Of course, sometimes I have also been asked to do something that I resent. The trick is to identify if you are scared of stepping outside your comfort zone, or if you have just lost interest in your work. If you are the latter, you may want to see how Boris Burgess, Founder of Mediam Mare, stays motivated.

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