With the economy and the job market more fluctuant than ever, going through an unexpected setback in your career could be devastating.

If you’re feeling stuck or not sure where to move on in your career, know that these challenging moments are temporary and it’s important you embrace your strengths and pick yourself up.

To help you do so, we talked with career coach Andrea Martin to give you tips to get you back on track with a better and more confident version of yourself, and be ready for the next leap in your career path.


Steps to Rebuild Career Confidence

First and foremost, Andrea said it’s important to acknowledge that a job loss is going to impact each of us differently. “For some it might be the push they needed to make a big career change, and for others their world just got turned upside down,” she said.

That said, there are appropriate steps you can take to overcome this and successfully move forward in your career path:-


Step 1: Think of it as a marathon

“I like to give the analogy of running a marathon, the moment you stand still your muscles start shutting down,” she said. “So, don’t stand still but start taking baby steps.”

The first thing Andrea said to do is to take a moment to acknowledge how you’re feeling. Meanwhile, set small but actionable steps to keep yourself moving forward. For example, it could be as simple as freshening up your LinkedIn profile.


Step 2: Focus on your brand

Your own branding is a great reminder of what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come. By focusing on your own brand, you can then separate recent events say, a job loss, from what you’re actually capable of doing.

“You are much bigger than any company you work for,” she said.


Step 3: Make a methodical plan

A common phenomenon she pointed out is people would start mass applying for jobs right away without a strategy.

This, she said, not only can cause job search burnout, but also people could suffer another blow to their confidence of landing on a job again when the rejection letters come in.

So, having a methodical plan is extremely crucial to identifying a clear goal that you can set your mind on. Because with planning comes strategies. And equipping yourself with a plan that maps out all the steps and actions you need, you’ve given yourself a head-start toward whatever goal you have.

“Don’t do things to simply do them, have a plan on which jobs and why.”


Ways to Boost Career Confidence 

Regardless of your job status, career confidence is fundamental to achieving goals at any point in career path. The truth is it’s as important for job search as for career advancement.

Andrea recommended a few tips we can all take advantage of in order to get ourselves in the right headspace and fully embrace our confidence.


Tip #1 Be intentional with your growth

When we want things to get better, we tend to try to fix things that are around us and forget to work on a critical factor, she highlighted. And that is inner work.

“By focusing on the inner work, you will remove roadblocks and position yourself in a place of control,” she said. “A strong sense of confidence shows up when you are in the driver seat of your career.”

That said, things don’t just happen; you’re going to need to work toward making them happen. And that means being intentional with your goals as well.

“You must be intentional with your long-term plan and mapping out the steps you need to take to reach your final destination.”


Tip # 2 Be strategic in your goal setting plan

“When you understand your individual goals and how they relate to your organization,” she said, “you will naturally become more focused and engaged with your work.”

This is very important for building career confidence because setting clear goals before working toward them because it’s going to help you figure out what serves and doesn’t serve you, and be clear on what you want and why you want it.


Tip #3 Messy action is better than no action

“Don’t wait to feel confident to start taking massive action towards your goals,” she said.

In moments when you feel unsure if your question/thought will be impactful, ask it anyway. Embrace the mess and get uncomfortable.

“Don’t wait to feel confident to do what you know is in your heart,” she said. “Do it and see what happens on the other side.” And that means pushing past your comfort zone, even when you are scared.


A quote she wrote that she always lives by is:


“Remain humble and hungry for knowledge but know you already have everything it takes to make an impact in the world.”


For additional support for creating a career plan, check out Andrea’s free 4-step process that will help you identify the skills and capabilities needed to grow in your terms. Or, check out Andrea’s coaching program Success Blueprint.

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