oveThere can be days when you feel quite low in yourself, whether that’s your appearance, your career progress or even your relationships. Not only can this be painful in the first instance, being down on yourself too much and too often can have a detrimental effect on your emotional wellbeing. We spoke to three wellbeing experts on their top tips for self-love, to ensure you can fall back to contentedness.


Jasmin Harsono, Founder of Emerald + Tiger& Author of Self Reiki 

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Q: Have you gotten into a situation where you are criticising yourself too much lately?

I have slowed my pace of work over the last couple of months. This was a conscious decision yet at times, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt that I could be doing more. I take myself back to why I chose to slow down in the first place and practice being present with that answer – as it is only worrying about the past or future that leads me down a self-criticising path.

No.1 Self-love tip from Jasmin: Practice Deep Listening 

Through meditation; breath, energy and sound practice. I spend time embodying all that I am, to be with myself – a sense of arriving home to my heart, mind, and body. I use this time to deeply listen to my innate wisdom which helps keep me stay grounded, creative and focused on what in life matters.

Other self-love practices that nurture my body and wellbeing include stretching, walking, cooking delicious and nutritious meals. Creating loving rituals, having a bath, writing, reading, singing, tidying, listening and dancing to music, spending time in nature or having a mindful moment with my favourite cup of tea.

Self-love differs for us all; we don’t need to be doing anything, it could be doing nothing, or less or being kind to ourselves if we can’t get through our to-do list; and saying yes to the things that light us up and saying no to what doesn’t.

A universal self-love tip is to practice deep listening. Ask yourself ‘How am I feeling in this moment; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually?’ See what comes up for you, the answers lie within.


Coco Alexandra, Soul Coach & Spiritual Creative

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The theme of ‘being home’, ‘finding home’, ‘coming home’, has been showing up in more ways than one. What does it mean to be home? What does home look like or feel like? What is home? Home can mean many things but home truly is where the heart is. Since the passing of my beloved popo, I’ve been struggling to refine my meaning of ‘home’. No matter what was going on in the world, in my life, she was the constant variable in my life. She was my anchor, my support system and my home. I felt as if the ground from beneath me crumbled after she left this physical realm. 1.5 years has gone by and I haven’t truly allowed my grief to fully surface in fear of unraveling ‘all the work I’ve done’. But the truth is, by facing these ‘fears’ and full tidal waves fo grief, I shine light on parts that I’ve not allowed come through. By allowing myself to be in a space of vulnerability I open up space for deeper healing. Since today is Spirit festival, I dedicate and honour this day to connect with my fears and grief of her passing and LET GO of the need to be in control of everything. I release all old stories that being emotionless = strength. I release all parts of myself that believe ignorance is bliss. I release the belief that showing emotions = weakness. I release all these programmings that are no longer the person I’m becoming. I’m ready to get knees deep in my fears and allow the tsunami of grief roll out of me. I’m ready to revisit all the happy and dark moments and make my peace with it all. Full moon in Pisces? Here I come. Here I am, exposed, vulnerable, raw, but am ready to heal.

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Q: Have you gotten into a situation where you are criticising yourself too much lately?

Yes! As humans, our psyche definitely plays games with us by convincing our inner voices to criticise. This has to do with my Asian upbringing paired with societal conditioning of what success ‘should’ look like, what a woman ‘should act like and speak like’. There are times in which I find myself overly critical of my ‘achievements’, ‘performance’, and my ability to ‘get things done.’ But thankfully, as an Intuitive Healer and Soul Coach, I have the tools to support me through these moments by living more consciously and guiding my inner critic back into my personal cheerleader.

No.1 Self-love tip from Coco – Listen to Your Heart

Your heart is your best inner compass. It’ll show you where you’re dimming your light, where you feel uncomfortable, where there is space to expand, heal and transform. It’ll always show you the way for your best self to step forward. By listening to my heart, it’s created the life that I’ve grown to love. My ability to see through the modern day framework of smoke screens what ‘life SHOULD be like’. By listening to my heart, I have created heart-led businesses, love my job, love my family and friends more and am able to stay true to what makes me the happiest.


Elle Halliwell, Author, Journalist & Founder ofAuricle

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Double tap if you‘d feel lost without your morning routine! ⏰🌤 Mine’s been completely thrown out since I came down with a bug in May. It takes me weeks, sometimes months to recover from a simple cold these days, and with COVID, that’s meant long stretches house-bound. I couldn’t go for my morning walk, lost my interest in food and there were moments when I felt really low and sorry for myself. . I’m now 95% recovered, save for some lingering sinus issues, but am still working on getting back to my usual routine. This is what‘s been helping me recover emotionally and physically: ◾️ 🌞 balcony stints in the sun for a Vit D hit ◾️ 🌱 adaptogenic herbs like Ashwaghanda and Siberian ginseng, which are great for restoring the body’s energy levels, boosting mood and supporting recovery. ◾️ 🌕 ear seeds applied to my allergy and anxiety points. ◾️ ☎️ connecting with family and friends, and having a good old cry to my mum. ◾️ 💆‍♀️being kind and gentle to myself, allowing myself to rest and not pushing my body to recover. ◾️ 🍲🍵 lots of bone broth plus yarrow, elderflower and peppermint tea. ◾️ Oh, and a Netflix binge or two 😂🤷‍♀️😉.

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Q: Have you gotten into a situation where you are criticising yourself too much lately?

I used to feel guilty if I wasn’t always “on”, either working, learning or improving myself in some way. In the last two years I’ve experienced a real shift and have learned to slow down, be more mindful and enjoy being in stillness. It’s a work in progress but it’s becoming easier, and I no longer have the same guilt when I take time for rest and self-care.

No.1 Self-love tip from Elle – Just Pause

If I ever experience a moment where I’m critical of my body, I do my best to pause, ask myself if I would talk about the body of someone I love this way, and then choose again. When you’re in a state of gratitude, it’s very hard to feel criticism, so it’s a state I try to live in as much as possible. I also find that practicing self-care daily, whether it’s through a skincare or ear seeding relaxation ritual, meditation or yoga practice or simply a quiet walk along the beach, reconnects me to my body and reminds me how wonderful it is and how fortunate I am to have one that works quite well.

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