With our work and social life, not to mention your own life admin, do you ever feel like you never stop? Like even though the working day is over, you’re still running on 100%? What does it take to put the brakes on and relax your mind? Because let’s face it: no one can be switched on all of the time without some burnout! We caught up with three wellness entrepreneurs to give us some tips on how best to slow your thoughts down and relaxxxx…


Carla Oates, Founder & CEO, The Beauty Chef


Q: What time do you stop working completely in the evenings?

Being a Creative and also a CEO of my own brand, it’s hard to put a start and finish on each day as we are a dynamic business and constantly exploring lots of opportunities to bring our new innovation, educational content and gut-focused solutions to life for our global community. I do however have a beautiful new addition in my family: my dog Wolfie. I am loving getting outdoors to take him for a walk twice daily around my beautiful environment in Bondi Beach. The sunshine, fresh air and exercise do wonders for my wellbeing. I also find cooking for my family, even after a busy day, is extremely relaxing. We are so lucky here in Australia to have a selection of high quality fresh, local ingredients, so preparing and sharing a meal together as a family is such a joy at the end of a long day.

#1 Tip That Actually Relaxes Carla’s Busy Mind: SLEEP Inner Beauty Support

It has become an integral part of my evening routine and I absolutely love enjoying a warm mug of coconut or almond milk with SLEEP before bed. This deliciously spiced blend is like my inner beauty night treatment and is packed with gut-nourishing, skin-loving ingredients like bio-fermented turmeric and papaya – to help fight inflammation and boost antioxidant activity – as well as natural sedatives, lemon balm and passionflower which are traditionally used in Western herbal medicine for sleep. The ritual of making myself a delicious, warm mug of SLEEP is certainly one of my go-to tips to relax, and also replenish, after a long day.



Avonda Urben, Founder, The Perfect V


Q: What time do you stop working completely in the evenings?

 Once kid activities start, I’m into a different mode. I think it’s actually a great thing because I can think about other people and their needs. There’s a flurry of activity getting them to ballet and ice hockey but I take about 30 minutes at the end of each day to review what was accomplished that day and make my list for important work projects due the next day.

I find that if I don’t switch off at night – it makes me anxious and less productive the next day. Besides I really enjoy the time with my kids – ballet and ice hockey are a cool distraction.

#1 Tip That Actually Relaxes Avonda’s Busy Mind: Enjoy Doing Simple Things

I do enjoy doing simple things – especially right before dusk. Something magical about that time. I still love bike riding – I got used to that while living in Denmark. We have some great trails in our neighborhood and it’s quiet and peaceful in the early evening and I try to take advantage of it by hopping on my bike for a quick bike ride. It really does relax my mind when surrounded by all the green trees and the cool sounds of nature. I feel such gratitude that we have such beautiful nature all around us.



Hilary Quartner, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Hilma


Q: What time do you stop working completely in the evenings?

Depends on the day and week! Regardless, if I need to work later I try to make sure that I take time to step away around 7pm and get some fresh air, eat dinner, and recharge before hopping back on to finish up loose ends.


#1 Tip That Actually Relaxes Hilary’s Busy Mind: Going Outside

Going outside is always important for me — I feel refreshed after a walk and fresh air. Spending time with my partner, talking on the phone with friends or family, a shower, and always reading something before falling asleep are my wind-down go-tos. Hilma Tension Relief also helps the process along.

What do you think of these tips on how to relax your mind? Which one will you try out?

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