4 Positive Phone Wallpapers Designed For You

You’ve all heard the expression ‘feeling blue’ when you’re a bit down in the dumps. The colours black and grey in clothing and decor are often seen as depressing or miserable. We’re told to paint rooms in bright colours such as yellow as they are ‘happier’. Is there any truth to the meanings behind colours or what feelings and emotions they evoke in people? Colour Psychology is the study of colours as ways to change or influence human behavior. Studies have been done previously which show people eat more or less, depending on the colour of the plate! Companies and brands all over the world also see the importance of colour when marketing to the audience they seek - think of green for eco-friendly or pink for a lingerie brand. With that being said, can colours affect your mood, feelings and behaviour? If so, can you use the psychology of colour to manipulate your bad moods into positive ones? We think so. "Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions," the artist Pablo Picasso once remarked. We can help to influence our thoughts and feelings in the following ways:  
  • Wearing a certain colour
  • Drinking or eating a specific colour
  • Visualising or meditating with the colour in our minds
  • Surrounding ourselves with the colour we need - in a garden for example
  We’ve found the best colours to surround yourself with, the next time you feel glum, unhappy or just need a bit of a boost. Quick disclaimer - these may not work for everyone; find what works for you and enjoy these positive phone wallpapers!  

YELLOW: A Colour For When You’re Feeling…SAD

You guessed it, a bright summer yellow will do wonders for your mind when you are unhappy. It reminds us of the sun, flowers and summer days. Whilst a very bright yellow might be a little overwhelming, the right shade of yellow, such as a warmer, pastel yellow can leave you feeling like you’re being bathed in warm rays of sunshine. What a way to revive your spirit!  

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