If I ask you what your job is, I’m sure you won’t have problem responding to me instantly. But what if I ask you: what career do you have? It’s not uncommon to use words like “job,” “profession,” or “career” interchangeably. But they can’t be more different. A job is all about collecting the paycheck while doing the minimum work, whereas career is about commitment, collecting experience that helps you grow professionally and go above and beyond. But, what does it take to find the career you’ll love? Whether you’re starting to venture into an unfamiliar terrain of a new profession or you’re considering moving on from your current career, I want you to bear this in mind: Instead of seeking another job, aim to carve out a career path you will love. We have award-winning Career Coach Neha O'Rourke with us today, to give you the advice you need, regardless of where you are in this journey. Which scenario you’re struggling with:

Are you…

  1. Feeling like you’re “jumping from job to job,” and having trouble searching for THE career you truly find purpose in and can be passionate about?
  2. Considering a career change, but the idea of taking that leap is causing you a lot of doubt and holdbacks?
  3. Feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled over a job that you dread going to, but finding it hard to say, “I Quit!”?
  4. Suspecting you’re experiencing career burnout because it puts a great toll on your physical or mental health?
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So, you are…

Feeling frustrated over having to “jump from job to job,” and having trouble searching for a career you can truly be passionate about.

And why is that?

“That’s so natural to feel that way and boy is it a frustrating feeling!” Neha said. The reason you’re having trouble finding THE career that aligns with your passion and purpose could be that “you’re getting to the tactical level before getting clear on the actual goal.”

Here’s what you can do:

Instead of focusing on the “how,” aka the specific job, you should first figure out the “what” and “why,” aka your purpose, needs/desire, etc. By uncovering your purpose, you can then proceed to designing a fulfilling career that fits your personal and professional needs.

Why It’s Powerful:

“This approach allows you to create purposeful and sustainable career decisions that are customised for you,” she said.

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