New Year 2020 is a special one. It’s the end of a decade – one where we’ve seen so many changes in culture, lifestyle and social interaction. You may have achieved a lot over the decade, or you may have not got as far as you wanted. 2020 heralds a brand new start for all of us: an entirely clean, blank sheet for us to create more memories and achieve our dreams.

We wrote last year about not drowning yourself in New Year’s resolutions – and that still holds true. It is really not worth bombarding yourself with hundreds of unrealistic new year’s resolutions that you may find difficult to achieve, leading to feelings of failure and upset. It’s much better to set (if you want to) smaller, achievable goals. For example, rather than ‘I will read 200 books in 2020’, why not try ‘I will strive to read more often in 2020’? It’s a much broader goal and will allow success if you increase your reading. *Click here for 2020’s Resolution Tips for Self-care & Mindfulness


Many people focus on the New Year being a new start; so we want to help you enter 2020 on the best foot so you can have a great start to your New Year’s resolutions. Here’s to success!


#1. Tidy Your Environment

There really is nothing that says ‘new start’ like a clean and tidy space. Having a fresh space can help you think more clearly so tidying up cluttered areas, having a clear out and getting everything in order will have you entering the new year feeling neat and organised. Why not give the things you no longer need to charity, too?


#2. Update Your Attitude

Practice gratitude every day to fill your life with kindness. Practicing gratitude can boost your mood overall and improve your outlook on life. Each day before you go to sleep, try to write down just three things you are grateful for. It’s easy to worry about things that aren’t happening or things you haven’t got – so much so that you may forget about what you have!


#3. Look After You

Tell yourself kind things to boost your self-esteem over time – start including a positive affirmation in your daily routine. Positive affirmations mean a simple, short sentence that you can use as a reminder throughout your day. Find a phrase that works for you, like “I am worthy” or “I can do this. Tell yourself this first thing in the morning and throughout your day if you begin to doubt yourself. Change your affirmations to focus on other aspects of your life as you begin to believe in yourself.


#4. Love Your Body And Mind

Every January, gyms in every city get a huge influx of people joining with good intentions and hoping to get in shape. Whilst that is admirable, having a body to die for is not the be all and end all of someone’s worth. In fact, many people will never achieve the ‘ideal’ goal of themselves they have in their head (often unrealistic due to social media and surgery culture). This makes their desired outcomes a bit off-centre. Consider this year, instead of desperately hoping to lose weight or fit into those old jeans, simply place a greater importance on your overall wellbeing. 


Kick off the new year by vowing to treat your mind and body to what it really wants. Nourish yourself with nutritious foods and by all means, head to the gym. However, take a break from exercising, and feel free to order pizza when you deserve one. Simply listen to what your mind and body need, and deliver on it. I guarantee you’ll feel better than you ever have before, and you’ll find you gain a multitude of mental and physical health benefits.


Have you got any more ideas on how to enter the New Year on a high? Let us know if we’ve missed any. Otherwise, head over to check out Top Wellness Trends for 2020.

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