Sex After Lockdown...

For months now, we’ve been locked in our own houses with no idea when we can go back to normality. Whilst some have been holed up in isolation with our significant others, others have been out of the dating game or away from their partners for a really long time. Not only have people not been having their usual interactions, they’ve not been having sex either. In the UK, the government has advised that “one household - single adults living alone, or single parents whose children are under 18 - can now form a support bubble with one other household”. Meaning that couples all over the country are now able to stay over at one another’s homes. MEANING, they can finally get that pent-up sexual energy out of their systems - finally. If you’re getting ready to meet up with your loved one after a significant amount of time away and are worried or anxious about having sex again on the reg’, or even feel like you’ve forgotten how to do it, we’re here for you. Read on if you’re ready to GET it on and have sex after lockdown…  

#1 Practise Alone

If you’ve been alone for a while, chances are you’ve gone to town on yourself a good few times - and good for you! If you haven’t though, or it’s been a while, take this opportunity to remind yourself of what you like and get yourself back into the zone. Whether that is by watching some pornography of a scenario you enjoy, or just having some me-time with your fingers or toys, remembering what it feels like will likely be joyous. You don’t even need to bring yourself to orgasm - ride that sexual energy wave and bring it with you to your reunion. Imagine the fireworks!  

#2 Prepare Yourself

I’m not talking about personal grooming - shaving your legs and the like. If that is a way you like to prepare and it’s something that makes you feel good, then absolutely go for it. However, it’s not a necessity at all. I’m talking about mentally. You’ve been alone for a while and whether you’re meeting up with a partner or a casual date (note - casual sleepovers aren’t legal yet in the UK unless it’s your social bubble!), you might be feeling a bit nervous. Only you know when you’re ready, and despite it sometimes not feeling that way, giving yourself to somebody else is quite a big thing. Go on your own time.

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