Unless you’ve been living under a literal rock for the past few weeks, you’ll know that around the world, people - especially white people - are checking their privilege and considering what has been in front of our eyes the entire time: the systematic racism of our society. There are many conversations that need to happen between those who may have not even been aware of their own privilege. For the most part, these conversations are going to happen within families and friendship groups. In fact, one of the best ways you and others can continue the momentum of this uprising is to have very frank and often difficult or those ‘awkward’ chats you may usually seek to avoid due to feeling uncomfortable. So how do you speak to your white friends or family about racism, especially if they’re trying their best to bury their heads in the sand? Forget brunch and chill vibes, it’s time to take a stand and open the conversation to try your best to understand and be the change you want to see. Remember - it’s not enough to be not racist. We need to be anti-racist.  

Step 1: Open Conversations

Let’s dive right in and try our best not to skirt around racism and the bits that make us uncomfortable. It’s a pointless exercise if we cannot look inwards and check our own privilege and become self-aware. Try to be compassionate, listen actively and keep the conversation flowing. This isn’t about trying to embarrass people by using ‘gotcha’ tactics. Sometimes, it’s a slow-burn with people - a conversation like this may not appear to have worked, but they’ll go away and think about it over time, until they realise they need to make some changes.

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