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5 Best Tips To Beat Monday Blues

In order to share the best practical tips for all of you, I have done some researches on how my friends successfully kick off Monday Blues. The answers that I received were along the lines of “I am the biggest case of Monday Blues, you should ask someone else (Shameful Laughs)”, or, “Oh! I hate Monday as much as others do, but maybe having a giant tub of ice cream that helps?” Quite ironically, every single one of them asked me how is that I always manage to have a happy face on a challenging Monday? Here’s the thing. Yes, I don’t normally have the depressed or anxious-ridden feelings on the first day of a week, but when I do, here are some of the best tips to beat Monday Blues that I’ve personally found helpful:-

Prepare yourself on Sunday

Mondays are great for fresh starts. What about Sunday? To me, Sunday mornings and afternoons are strictly meant for rest; however, when it comes to evenings, I spend less than an hour to prepare myself mentally for the coming week. This means doing something as simple as writing down the majority tasks that need to be tackled down. Why does this help? It is because most people tend to remain in a leisurely holiday mood when you wake up on a Monday morning. First thing first, you need to bring about a change in your mindset.

Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in our life. I didn’t like to sleep a lot two years ago; as a matter of fact, I managed to pull myself through with just 4 to 5 hours of sleep every day. I used to erroneously ask myself – why spend so many hours sleeping when we could get double the amount of work that is normally done? The truth is something entirely different, which is that lack of sleep can lead to rapid mood swings. For example, while I was still able to get up early on Mondays, I’d have to be honest enough to concede that I didn’t have a great start to the week because all I wanted to do was to crawl back to my bed and sleep some more.  

Morning meditation to start the week

Start your week with a 10 minutes meditation. I love to wake up slightly early in the morning at 4:30 on a Monday, spend some time to think about the things that have done well last week, and areas where I could have done a lot better. Alternatively, you can get started a gratitude journal and write down 5 things you are truly thankful for. Set the right tone for the week – Inhale positive energy and exhale negative energy!

Dress to impress yourself

Do you ever wear an outfit or put on that perfect make up which makes you feel as though rule the world? I find that this helps a lot on Monday mornings when you don’t feel so good about yourself. If you have an extra allowance, you might as well use it in a power outfit (Keep scrolling to see our picks). Research shows that power dressing can help us overcome some of our insecurities and impart the much-coveted self-confidence.

Plan something exciting at night

Apart from what my friend has said about having a large portion of ice cream, okay! – If this puts you in the right frame of mind and gets you going, here is a guilt-free version! Alternatively, you can treat Monday like Friday, plan out something exciting and fun to do at night – obviously, minus the getting drunk part (Laughs). Most people find Mondays so boring and tedious is because they don’t treat it like a Friday. I mean, why not don’t we give our Mondays some well-deserved fun right?

Hopefully, the above tips may help you beat Monday blues, but ultimately, they cannot solve the problem magically. In order to fix the root cause of the longstanding problem, you should find out why you hate Mondays so much. If you have any tips to share, leave a comment below! ;)

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