5 Signs When You Should Leave a Toxic Workplace

We constantly bang the drum about making sure you have a healthy work environment. If not only for your professional gain, then for your own mental health!

A toxic workplace can do more than just make you feel unhappy sometimes. You may even be able to rise above it on the surface, but long-term a place like that could do more damage to your psyche overall.

Some people love their jobs, but nothing is perfect – everyone has bad days and sometimes you would rather be anywhere else! Sometimes, nothing is better than leaving the office, getting straight into bed and binge-watching Netflix when you’ve had a bad day.

But what about when it’s a little worse than that? What happens when you absolutely dread going into work, your manager is overbearing and the rumour and bitching is rife? Here are four signs you should leave YOUR toxic workplace.


#1. Office Drama

Offices are often hotspots for drama and gossip, especially when things are slow. Lots of people in the same place, with friendships and burgeoning relationships means there may be talks of things other than work – it’s normal. However, when the gossip turns nasty or people are singled out, things can certainly turn sour. Friendship groups are fine, but when they are more like exclusive cliques, it may be time to move on.


#2. A Tyrannical Boss

You can read some more about dealing with a perfectionist manager here and get some great advice. If your boss is overbearing, micro-managing your projects and making you feel anxious, work can soon feel like a toxic place to be. It may be that they feel like they don’t have control of the situation, or they may just not be very nice people. Your boss should be collaborative and help you to work as a team, not a dictator!


#3. You Feel Unwell

If your job is affecting you mentally, it’s likely you feel unwell physically. Are you undereating, or perhaps overeating? Do you seem to feel sick each Sunday, dreading that commute into work? In periods of very high stress, things can get worse: hair can fall out and people can fully burn out. Keep an eye out with what’s going on around you, too. Are people ill very frequently? Could it be more than just a stomach bug?


#4. No Collaboration

Do you feel that your team are working against each other, rather than alongside each other? It’s true, some occupations are competitive, for example sales. For the most part though, you should go into work feeling comfortable that you’re going to work with your stable teammates, have each other’s backs and support each other. If that’s not the case, move on. There are so many companies and people out there with a positive mindset. Better yet, why don’t you see what it’s like to strike out on your own? Create your own positive team!


#5. Your Gut Instinct

You really must listen to yourself and trust your gut – if you’re really, really unhappy – please just leave. Life is far, far too short to put yourself through that. Like they say about relationships, which you can also apply to jobs: there’s plenty more fish in the sea!


There are some simple things you can do right now – update your CV and start putting some feelers out, start some conversations on LinkedIn and see what’s out there. The world is your oyster.

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