How do you fall asleep faster and better? There are few things as frustrating as being unable to sleep. Rest is key for resetting our bodies and preparing us for the day ahead so if we can’t get enough sleep, or get to sleep but don’t feel rested afterwards, it almost writes your day off before it’s begun!

Kossie aims to give you tips and tricks that put you in charge of your body, helping you take control and change your life through your own efforts. With that in mind, here are some top tips to lead you on the way to fall asleep faster and improve it that truly makes you feel rested and ready for the next day.

1. Screens and Blue Light Filters

Over recent years there has been plenty of research into blue light and its effect on our minds and bodies. Blue light is a natural part of the light spectrum and is present everywhere. In particular, blue light is particularly prevalent in screen backlights because of their brightness. This can have a serious effect on our bodies and minds because our eyes are not very good at blocking blue light, forcing our eyes to strain themselves to compensate.

This straining can have a direct impact on how easily we fall asleep and in turn, how well we sleep after we’ve finally dropped off. Do your best to add a blue light filter to all of your electronics in the evenings as this will limit the strain your eyes are put under (or even better, just turn the electronics off altogether!)

2. No Clock Watching

A common mistake when you wake up in the middle of the night is looking at the clock to see how long you were asleep for. Not only does clock watching put a lot of pressure on you to get back to sleep but it forces your mind to make calculations and think about the future. This is a slippery slope! It’s extremely common for people to continually look at the clock every time they wake up, realising that only moments have passed and feeling frustrated by it.

This has a noticeable effect on sleep quality which translates to a poor mood or low energy – both of which can have a knock-on effect the next day! Move your clock out of sight and you will sleep much better.

3. Evening Routine

The evening routine is a vastly underestimated way of ensuring that you can get to sleep quickly and easily. Humans are creatures of habit! We love to continually do things the same way at the same time each day, which is what makes routines so useful. Each day, you should put extra effort into creating an evening routine that you start at the same time. When you repeat this routine enough, your body will become conditioned and learn when you will need to go to sleep, making the whole experience much more smooth.

4. Late Night Exercise

Exercise leads to tiredness, making it a perfect addition to your evening routine. In fact, combining a challenging, endorphin-releasing workout with a warm shower is proven to improve your mood and promote good sleep habits. Ease of falling asleep is directly linked to cognitive activity and the act of working out is also an extremely good stress reliever, helping you work through the problems on your mind before laying down so that your mind is clear and ready to turn off.

5. Keep Your Extremities Warm

Finally, there has been research showing a link between the temperature of your extremities and the likelihood for you to fall asleep. Cold feet and cold hands appear to make falling asleep significantly more difficult so on those cold winter evenings, maybe it’s worth keeping your socks on or clutching a hot water bottle?

With these five tips, you should find your quality of sleep improve drastically and along with that, your quality of life! Changing your life starts with one simple step; make improving your sleep quality the start of your wellness journey.

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