Have you ever wanted anything so badly, whether in your personal or professional life, but you’re too scared to go for it because of your fears of failure? Sometimes, when we fear failure, it can hold you back to the point that you can’t move forward at all. How can we move past the fears of ‘what if’ and start thinking about ‘what can be’? We spoke to Samanah Duran, the founder and CEO of retail company Critics Clothing and BEYOUROWN, a digital media & news company dedicated to inspiring and championing entrepreneurs on a mission to lead.


Samanah says…

“As an entrepreneur myself, I have faced many challenges which I have had to find a way of navigating around, particularly in my early days of starting up. Before BEYOUROWN made the fundamental shift from non-profit to profitable venture as a media company, I had a sudden irrational fear that it wouldn’t work on the basis of not being strong enough as a brand.

“…I had a sudden irrational fear that it wouldn’t work on the basis of not being strong enough as a brand.”


Failure is difficult for anyone – but just the fear of failure alone is an emotion that cannot be totally avoided. However, having succumbed to the fact that failure at something isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but instead understanding that fear could be the catalyst behind fueling your drive and determination to succeed forward – is a perfect way of looking at it.

It doesn’t matter how steadfast, robust or self-assured you are, at some point in life, we all fear failure of some kind, whether professionally or personally, and you don’t necessarily have to be an entrepreneur either. Many of us don’t know where our fear of failure sits or even where it stems from, but here are 5 ways you can handle your professional fear of failure based on the experience I have had so far.”


Samanah’s Coping Toolkit for Fear of Failure


#1 Find Management Methods

Find a way to manage your fear of failure, whether it be through meditation, therapy or any proven stress-reduction technique that you feel works best for you.


#2 Deconstruct The Terminology

It’s not about total failure, it’s about redirection. Redirection with all of its twists and turns along the way happens all the time in entrepreneurship and it should be embraced, accepted and understood that it’s going to be part of the process.


#3 Accept The Timing

Always bear in mind that it might be a “no” for now, not forever – which can dramatically change in a fraction of a minute. This is often the case that as you enter new territories, the timing isn’t right for that particular market as it might be too early or too different for the current market to accept.


#4 Channel Positive Thoughts

Remember that you are probably not feeling your usual self, while dealing with your fear of failure, so do not give yourself a hard time trying to validate your emotions. Keep things in perspective and remain calm and positive in your cognitive thinking, this way you will project positive thoughts


#5 Ignite The Conversation

Release the intensity of the fear and let it breathe by talking to your close peers. Practice being vulnerable and have conversations about what prompts your fear of failure. The solid safety net around you will encourage feedback, constructive criticism, offer advice or suggest a solution or alternative option.


You can listen to the BEYOUROWN Podcast here.

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