We all like to do things that make us feel good, and naturally feel averse to doing things that make us feel uncomfortable, or scared. It’s a common reaction which can lead to sticking what you know, and therefore, having fear around having new experiences and enjoying life to the full. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves in a rut of known experiences and that’s…kind of it.

So how can we find the confidence to shake off fear and begin to do things outside our comfort zones? We caught up with Zoe Patterson, Confidence Coach and Founder of She Is, who believes we deserve happiness, freedom, and confidence. Zoe shares her tips on how to get over agoraphobia and step outside your comfort zone...  

Zoe says:

#1 Get Clear On Where Your Lack of Confidence Lies

When we struggle with low confidence, it can give us a blanket view of ourselves where we may think that we have no confidence in any area, which may not be true! Make a list of different scenarios, (such as going to the gym, attending a party, giving a presentation) and give them a score out of ten for how confident you feel – 1 being no confidence and 10 being totally confident. This is a great tool to help you pinpoint the areas to focus on but also lets you see that you’re doing much better than you think!  

#2 Separate Fact From Opinion!

It is so easy to let our inner mean girl focus on the negatives and form thoughts based on assumptions. When you hear these thoughts come up, take a moment to evaluate them. For example, before an interview, if your inner mean girl is telling you that no one will like you, question it! How do you know for certain that they won’t like you? What evidence do you have to support that thought? But remember, you can only use hard facts – not your opinions disguised as facts!    

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