Have you ever had such a boring day that you basically wanted to kill yourself ASAP? TTYL (going to die now). I know you’ve probably already had a stressful day. I can’t possibly deal with everyday mediocrity, doing pedantic, repetitive tasks day in and day out, getting up at the same time, coping with that annoying colleague, and getting by the day. How about you? Well, I am guessing you can’t either. So well, look no further. Dr. Po is here to brighten and lighten your day with 50 doses of pure, unadulterated silliness (I mean best dirty jokes, adult jokes whatever you called it)! Cheer up, sweetie! Everything is indeed going to be ok :) 11. (Girls having their period) You guys are the laziest people ever. Period! 12. Guy: Hey, Katie. How are you feeling today? Katie: Sexual 13. Doctor (Guy): Don't move, this will hurt a bit. Me: Okay… Doctor: Well, good. I fu*ked your boyfriend last night.

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