Sorry dudes, but sometimes it really does feel like you’ve got nothing but sex on the brain. It’s actually been calculated that men think about sex every…seven…seconds, or 8,000 times during waking hours. How do they have time for anything else?! It’s as if they’re programmed by your balls and we women are just toys for pleasure, a non-stop merry-go-round of debased debauchery…wait, am I wrong? Do guys think of things OTHER than sex? Well, blow me down with a feather. We’ve gathered 50 men from around the world who’ve given us their deepest needs and wants in a partner, OTHER than getting saucy in the sheets…


  1. “I’d say the ability to laugh together and be your goofy self.” – 33, Australia


  1. “Making me laugh.” – 38, United Kingdom


  1. “Well…I think you want someone to be there for you, emotionally and physically?” – 29, Singapore


  1. “Honesty and no BS.” – 32, United Kingdom


  1. “Hmm…not being a fussy eater.” – 36, Hong Kong


  1. “Loyalty #1” – 28, Australia


  1. “Hmm…hugs and smiles.” – 32, United States


  1. “I’d say fun! Fun not only occurring in a sexual way but so we can laugh and do silly stuff together.” – 26, France


  1. “Not giving me a headache or trouble.” – 36, Australia


  1. “Hmm – nothing much, caring for each other is enough.” – 34, Hong Kong


    1. “Blowjobs! Just kidding. I guess, humour.” – 32, Greece




  1. “Hmm…honesty, hugs, company, smiles, great conversation.” – 40, Ireland


  1. “Having a career, and being independent.” – 32, France


  1. “I look for a best friend, because physical attraction and all that other stuff goes away in time, but if you’re best friends, then you’ll always be happy.” – 23, United Kingdom


  1. “The ability to start a family together…” – 39, United Kingdom



  1. “Do I have to choose one thing? I’d say communication skills, intelligence and amazing sense of humour (as in, okay with very dirty jokes) – 31, United States


  1. “Maybe more than sex?” – 36, Italy


  1. “Someone to binge Netflix with, maybe.” – 32, United Kingdom


  1. “Hmmm someone who I can connect with and grow with.” – 29, Hong Kong


  1. “Be my partner when I’m travelling the world.” – 28, India


  1. “Probably companionship. Sex isn’t a priority.” – 25, India


  1. “Good chemistry and connection.” – 33, Iceland


  1. “Of course, the emotional attachment.” – 26, Hong Kong


  1. “Brain, for sure.” – 27, Hong Kong


  1. “Company, I guess.” – 29, Taiwan


  1. “Perhaps fun times when you’re too tired to have sex?” – 25, Hong Kong


  1. “What makes you think my number one thing is sex? Apart from sex, what I want is a bit of banter. Someone with good chat.” – 36, Australia


  1. “Communication – to be able to share everything. Sex is a key part of a relationship but love and sex must be balanced.” – 36, Hong Kong


  1. “Humor.” – 25, United States


  1. “Blowjob? Jokes. Adventurous for me.” – 29, Canada


  1. “Caring for each other I think.” – 30, Hong Kong


  1. “Any multiple choice for me to pick? LOL” – 24, Hong Kong

  1. “Lots of things. But mostly, good conversation and companionship.” – 38, Australia


  1. “I’d say I want someone who I think of as a best friend. Someone to laugh and spend quality time with.” – 30, United States


  1. “Good company?” – 34, United Kingdom


  1. “I suppose the will to share experiences and live this world.” – 38, Portugal


  1. “Humour and craziness.” – 30, France


  1. “Probably laugh.” – 26, Australia


  1. “Hmm being active together and supporting each other. But sex is important too.” – 28, Germany


  1. “Should be honest and a good company.” – 32, India


  1. “Maybe a drinking buddy…haha” – 34, Hong Kong


  1. “There’s so many things to share with girls. Sex is just one of the things.” – 33, South Africa


  1. “Companionship.” – 29, Thailand


  1. “Blowjob? LOL I’m kidding, sorry. Gym or game together. Definitely good company. As long as she has a good sense of humour with a cute smile.” – 27, Hong Kong


  1. “Chill…maybe to cook like I do.” – 37, Hong Kong


  1. “I’d say sex is a destination, getting there in the journey is the real experience and fun. So, probably a good sense of humour and banter is important.” – 32, India


  1. “Connection. Conversations. Laughs. Creations.” – 27, France


  1. “I would have to say sarcastic sense of humour or back tickles.” – 34, New Zealand


  1. “Well, sex is great. But the whole experience including before and after count for something too. The better the before and after, most likely the better the sex too. But in the context of one evening, the sex would still be the highlight.” – 29, United Kingdom


  1. “Gotta be able to laugh with someone, otherwise what’s the point, right?” – 32, Cyprus


Well, well, well! I have got to take my hat off to some of them…but HOW many of them mentioned blow jobs instead of sex? In my book, that’s the same thing! There’s plenty of things to do other than sex with your significant other. It may be that it’s the time of the month (although that doesn’t stop some people!) or you may just not be in the mood. Some of the things are covered above, but quality time talking, trying something new together or doing something both of you enjoy will bring you closer together. And you never know…becoming close may lead to BETTER sex!

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