50 Legit Ideas from Men on How to Have Sex During Coronavirus

With many of us in isolation, we’re all looking for looking for a bit of entertainment that doesn’t involve another trip to the fridge, watching yet another film, or looking at scary news sites. What better to pass the time than having sex? If you happen to live with your partner, it’s likely you’ll be in self-isolation together, and I don’t know about you, but not having to commute to work leaves a LOT of hours in the day for adventurous sexytime, meaning a lot of sex during coronavirus. So, what do men think about getting jiggy during this Coronavirus period? Willing to play, or stay far away?


  1. “Come find out!” – 24, New Zealand


  1. “I’m scared of getting HIV more!” – 31, Hong Kong


  1. “I believe in immunotherapy.” – 40, United States


  1. “Sex during coronavirys wilk be as normal as before – which is ‘none’.” – 33, Hong Kong


  1. “Doggy style, cough away from me. Joking! I’m not getting any, I’m in quarantine.” – 28, United Kingdom


  1. “Make sure you trust the other person.” – 41, United States


  1. “Doggy style, hahaha.” – 25, Chile


  1. “Haven’t had sex since the outbreak!” – 30, China


  1. “Quarantine yourself and your partner for 14 days!” – 28, India


  1. “Awww, whatever happened to just being romantic – does everything need to resolve around masks and sanitiser when you have sex during coronavirus crisis? ” – 37, France


  1. “Take shower, wash your hands, use masks, no kisses and use protection down there.” – 35, India


  1. “Umm… I don’t know. Wear a mask?” – 26, Singapore


  1. “For social distancing, my dick is long enough.” – 31, Turkey


  1. “Erm, cut a hole in a face mask and wear it over your dick. Hahaha” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “Why can’t people fu*k under virus? Lmao life goes on.” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “What? I haven’t had sex for a while, but I assume it should be very similar to how we do it without COVID-19?” – 29, China


  1. “It’s kinda like a blend between role playing and rubber/PVC/leather fetishism. You gotta pretend like you’re some saucy CDC/healthcare worker that can’t keep it in their pants, but you also have to really dig the feel of protective wear on your skin.” – 34, Hong Kong


  1. “Apparently, doggy style is a good way to go about now. Or, reverse cowgirl style.” – 36, Australia


  1. “Good question! I don’t have a partner though, so I just masturbate.” – 39, Hong Kong


  1. “Cosplay is a good way.” – 30, Hong Kong



  1. “With masks and hand sanitizer, of course!” – 40, Canada


  1. “Normally, I will ask them where they’ve been in the past 14 days.” – 30, Canada


  1. “Lmao. Avoid anyone who is back from Europe?” – 28, United States


  1. “Wash up before you get down to business and trust the other person.” – 30, Canada


  1. “There must be exponential increase of baby-making. The healthcare system will be overwhelmed by coronavirus now, then baby delivery in December!” – 39, Hong Kong


  1. “Invite a girl over and mandate a 14-day quarantine with me! In exchange, I will cook and provide masks, sanitiser and Netflix. Are you in?” – 35, Hong Kong


  1. “Hahaha. Maybe in a virus suit!” – 40, United States


  1. “Come to me. I will show you!” – 42, United Kingdom


  1. “Doggie…to avoid facial contact.” – 36, China


  1. “2 condoms? Duh? LOL” – 24, United Kingdom


  1. “No, I haven’t had sex recently so wouldn’t know.” – 27, Hong Kong


  1. “Meet me haha, I will show you.” – 40, Australia


  1. “I wrap a mask around my cock.” – 26, India


  1. “Well, I suppose you should consult your doctor first?” – 25, United States


  1. “It’s not sexually transmitted so I would say just wear mask and wash hands afterwards. Let me know if you need to field test this theory. I’m always up for doing some volunteer work in the name of research.” – 28, United Kingdom


  1. “Haha I guess, with an extra layer of protection?” – 23, Hong Kong


  1. “Wear a Hazmat suit? We evolved to a new era of virtual sexting.” – 31, France


  1. “Condom on the penis, each finger and my head. I guess, it should be okay!” – 31, Russia


  1. “Face masks and doggy-style, I guess?” – 35, United Kingdom


  1. “Doggy-style!” – 32, Netherland


  1. “Well, I have a bunch of fancy masks.” – 27, United Kingdom


  1. “LMAO. Are you joking? Why do you wanna know?” – 26, Hong Kong


  1. “No real change.” – 26, United Kingdom


  1. “I saw something online and the government in Germany recommends people to have sex in doggy-style versus missionary to avoid breathing on people!” – 31, Singapore


  1. “I mean if both of y’all are not infected, it should be fine right? Maybe just as if they went overseas for the past 14 days? If no, then good to go.” – 24, Singapore


  1. “Well, still wearing condom! Covid-19 is not the only thing you need to be careful with!” – 43, Chile


  1. “I believe we should be social distancing, so best to avoid.” – 27, India


  1. “We can stay home all day and just have sex!” – 27, Singapore


  1. “If I was to have sex I guess there isn’t gonna be a difference with COVID-19 or not? Just remember to wear protection?” – 26, Nepal


  1. “Condoms are coronavirus-proof.” – 31, Hong Kong


Overwhelmingly, it looks like sex during coronavirus crisis isn’t something that’s going to be avoided, judging by the amount of men who offered their services to volunteer having sex during the Quarantine Period! I would say that as long as you trust the other person, and you are using common sense, then you should be able to have as much sex as you want! I wouldn’t recommend the masks as sexual protection though – that might be a step too far! I do think that the guy from Hong Kong makes an excellent point: I’m so intrigued to see if there is a baby boom in December, due to all this extra lovemaking!

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