Sex is great – like really great! If you click with your partner and trust each other, there is really no end to the fun things you can get up to and the pleasure you can find. Unfortunately though, sometimes sex can be bad. I’m talking ‘meh’ to ‘oh my god never touch me again’ BAD. Bad sex can be something simple, in that you just didn’t click, whilst other times you can be left scratching your head as to what actually went wrong. Was it you? Was it your other partner? As no one needs bad sex in their lives, we asked 50 men their opinion on what defines bad sex, to see if we can crack it.


  1. “Probably the kind where you’re asking yourself why you’re doing this as it is happening.” – 30, Germany


  1. “Bad sex to me by definition means when the girl isn’t into it, almost like forced but not forced. Both of you have to get into the mix!” – 32, United Kingdom


  1. “I don’t know, never had bad sex before, had no complaints previously. Perhaps when she’s lazy af and couldn’t suck a penis, that’s pretty bad.” – 33, Hong Kong


  1. “No interaction.” – 29, United Kingdom


  1. “Well bad sex is when it’s non-consensual!” – 44, Hong Kong


  1. “I guess when one or both sides are just doing it without passion. Like doing it for the sake of finishing off.” – 30, United States


  1. “If she puts no effort and expects you to do all the work.” – 23, Italy


  1. “I think ‘unfinished sex’ is least desirable in my opinion.” – 27, Dublin


  1. “For guys, I think is when the girl’s private part stinks.” – 30, Hong Kong


  1. “I think it’s people who are not considerate of their partner.” – 30, China


  1. “I haven’t had bad sex but I can tell you what good sex is. It’s like a dance. The rhythm has to be right. The bodies have to flow and move together. At some parts the man will lead, sometimes the woman, each person needs to react to the other. You have to be both selfish and generous. And you have to communicate, dirty words lead to dirty actions lead to dirty sex, the best type. Oh, and women love light choking, so that’s the final secret.” – 32, Hong Kong


  1. “Sex without foreplay. Someone farts or no moaning (I’m sensitive to that)” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “Hmm, I guess not being able to finish is bad? Also no chemistry?” – 29, Singapore


  1. “Bad sex… when your partner is boring af and being a starfish.” – 28, Japan


  1. “I’d say it’s not mutually joyful.” – 29, India


  1. “Let’s say in a gentlemanly way, both partners need to put some effort in for the benefit of the other person.” – 31, Italy


  1. “No sex is bad sex.” – 33, Australia


  1. “Well I’m no sexpert but drunk sex with strangers probably ranks quite highly on the bad sex list.” – 33, India


  1. “I think skills are important!” – 33, Hong Kong


  1. “Loose vagina.” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “Most probably when the other person is overly submissive.” – 23, United Kingdom


  1. “Well, for me, if the girl doesn’t cum, it’s always bad sex.” – 32, Italy


  1. “One of them doesn’t enjoy the whole process.” – 44, China


  1. “Well I think duration, size and atmosphere matters.” – 26, Singapore


  1. “There is no such thing – only embarrassing, good and great sex.” – 32, United States



  1. “Haha…it never happens with me.” – 31, United States


  1. “There are so many ways to define it, but I’d say unless it’s intense then it’s obviously bad.” – 25, France


  1. “When it’s one-sided. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable for both people. Fun for everyone – it’s not just about orgasm.” – 29, India


  1. “When my phone rings.” – 29, Hong Kong


  1. “Well, absence of foreplay would be one element.” – 42, France


  1. “Well, I think it’s more about lack of communication with your partner. Otherwise, no one is too bad at sex. Also, has to do with expectations from your partner.” – 31, France


  1. “Cumming too soon?” – 23, Hong Kong


  1. “I’d define bad sex as no physical or emotional connection.” – 34, Spain


  1. “Hard to say.” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “Sex where she doesn’t come.” – 29, Germany


  1. “I think as Mel Brooks once said: Sex is like pizza, even when it is bad it is good.” – Italy


  1. “When my penis is too big and cannot fit inside.” 33, Hong Kong


  1. “When you cannot satisfy her needs.” – 25, United States


  1. “Bad sex is when the girl doesn’t climax.” – 23, United States


  1. “It lasts no time at all, there is a bad connection and it’s no fun.… bad connection.” – 45, Italy


  1. “For me, it’s if my partner can’t satisfy during the process. Guys are easily excited but ladies aren’t. Good sex in my opinion is having mutual satisfaction.” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “Maybe drunk sex.” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “Not bringing your partner to orgasm.” – 37, United States


  1. “How about when you have to force yourself to climax whilst imagining you’re doing someone else because you have lost interest in her.” – 23, Hong Kong


  1. “Sex without love.” – 23, China


  1. “I think as long as one of them is unwilling, this is bad sex.” – 29, Taiwan


  1. “Cum too soon?” – 27, Iceland


  1. “No slight passion or lacking in lust on their end?” – 39, Singapore


  1. “No interaction, no connection, no oral sex and being too shy.” – 29, Mexico


  1. “Well maybe if both of us cannot reach climax.” – 27, Hong Kong


A real mix of responses here, and most of them to do with satisfying your partner. Did you know, neither party ‘has’ to finish to make sex good? There are so many things you can do on the journey to orgasm, and getting there is half the fun! I personally think that being in the right frame of mind and being with the right person at the right time are the keys to ‘good’ sex, whereas bad sex is when you’re all out of sync and things end up getting embarrassing. You can always pull it back though, so learn to laugh it off and just go with the flow!

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