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Everyone remembers the episode of Friends where Ross’s book is in the section of the library where every student couple goes to have sex, right? And what about all of those steamy scenes in TV and film when characters run off to a nightclub bathroom to do the dirty? For some, it’s like the bedroom just can’t wait and the deed needs to be done then and there and then. For those that want to forego a traditional hook-up, we asked 50 men their favourite places for public sex. Some of them may surprise you!


14% of men wanted to have sex in a serious, usually quiet or boring setting – like their office or the library…or a CHURH! It’s likely that this is down to the ‘naughtiness’ of the situation.


  • “I would say library, it’s quiet.” – 19, Hong Kong
  • “I would love having sex in a classroom, just imagine, having sex in a serious place” – 22, France
  • “At the office, just like doing something fun at a boring place” – 35, Italy
  • “Hahaha, museum for sure. Just imagine, having sex at a cultural place” – 19, Hong Kong
  • “No offense and sorry my lord, but having sex at church is just amazing as it’s like doing some bad thing in front of Jesus.” – 26, US
  • “Lecture hall/theatre, I hate classes but lecture hall is just comfy for sex” – 19, Hong Kong
  • “On a long journey bus or train, porn teaches us how, and it’s a hella fun” – 24, Hungary


8% of these public sex lovers preferred to do it in a car – purely for the convenience and the thrill of perhaps getting caught.

  • “In the car in a carpark, cars keep coming and going, and it’s just intense” – 29, USA
  • “Yo bro, I love to do it on the backseat of my car, because it’s convenient.” 24, Singapore
  • “Oh, trust me, car park is the best place, especially at night, it’s dark and people keep passing by” 18, Hong Kong
  • “Backseat of the taxi / Uber maybe? So the driver might see it” – 31, France



Oddly, 12% of men liked to do it in a changing room or other small places. Not sure about that – imagine someone whipping back the curtain! Could be sexy still, I suppose.

  • “Changing room, you know, a lot of people are outside and the chance of getting caught is just high, which is exactly the reason for public sex, isn’t it?” – 26, South Korea
  • “Fitting room is a great option, believe in me. Adventurous and exciting” – 18, Hong Kong
  • “Toilet, dirty but exciting” – 21, Hong Kong
  • “Dressing room, no special reason, just got enough room for sex and I would love it” – 21, Hong Kong
  • “Storage room maybe? Small place and close sex” – 32, Japan
  • “Let me think…closet! Reason? Room is small, place is tight, sex is great” – 21, Japan


These men went a little more romantic, with idyllic settings being the main reason for 12% of need for the public sex.

  • “Ferris wheel! Romantic and sexy at the same time” – 31, Hong Kong
  • “Oh wow, the time I had sex with my wife on a boat in the middle of the lake – it was just unforgettable. It’s quiet around us and it’s like owning the whole world by the two of us” – 38, Belgium
  • “At a concert hall, like it because the atmosphere is great.” – 22, US
  • “Waterfall! Those in the countryside, it’s completely outdoor and it’s like getting everything back to natural” – 24, Germany
  • “Having sex on a hammock during the countryside panic day is a gorgeous sex, as it’s covering you and exposing you at the same time” – 28, US
  • “Inside a tent – camping is adventurous, sex during camping is just taking it to another level” – 29, UK


18% of the men we asked like the idea of other people having the ability to watch, or voyeurism. Could you carry on if you knew someone could see you?

  • “The convenience store, shelves there could help you do the hiding but at the same time, it’s exciting as many people keep coming” – 21, Hong Kong
  • “Hotel rooms with big windows facing the street. Although it’s a private place, it’s all about facing the public when it comes to public sex and it’s intense enough as there are a lot of people walking on the street” – 32, France
  • “Maybe the backyard of my house, as people walking by do know who we are and if we are getting caught, it could be a bit embarrassing but that’s why we do public sex, the fear, isn’t it?” – 40, US
  • “Bed at the hostel. Strangers are everywhere at the hostel, and having sex there is like putting on a live porn in front of them” – 21, Spain
  • “Underneath a bridge, it’s like a half-opened and half-closed area” – 26, US
  • “A photo booth! You know, people are waiting outside and you two are enjoying inside” – 22, Hong Kong
  • “Let me tell you bruh, the rooftop is a great place to have sex, it’s high, yet, open for anyone to watch” – 21, South Korea
  • “Nothing more “public” than having sex on the street at night, people keep bypassing and watching us” – 29, UK
  • “Oh, I love balcony sex, who knows if someone is watching live.” – 28, US


Your next night out could be a little more thrilling, with 8% of men wanting to have public sex during social occasions like being at a nightclub or karaoke.

  • “At the nightclub. Why? Atmospheric thing I believe” – 19, Hong Kong
  • “At a dark corner of a party. Come on, everyone is having fun and you’re just doing the same thing but like shifting it up lol” – 22, South Korea
  • “Ahh, I love having sex with my girlfriend at the karaoke, as the music could cover the sounds produced during our sex” – 18, Hong Kong
  • “Theatre, no doubt. Who doesn’t like sex at the cinema?” – 20, Singapore


Here are the other answers for your viewing!

  • “Gym room, coz like everyone is working hard on the machines and weights, and I’m on my partner” – 27, US
  • “At the basketball court bro, basketball and my partner are my girlfriends.” 18, Hong Kong
  • “Shed at a farm. Why? It’s raw.” – 29, US
  • “Having sex at the swimming pool is cool, as there are less clothes you’ve to put off before you begin” – 30, Hong Kong
  • “Oh I’ve tried a cafe sex before, but just oral sex and a handjob, love it as your heart just keep beating” – 22, Spain
  • “Staircase! Because everyone says it’s exciting and it really is.” – 18, Japan
  • “Hmmmmm I think the beach, like everyone is so sexy with the swimsuits on, my girl is no exception and it just turns me on” – 31, UK
  • “No discussion, aircraft, just a fantasy” – 25, UK
  • “Clinic, with a doctor to be exact. But I think it’s more because of the occupation of my partner as having sex with a professional person is just, a great sense of achievement” – 32, US
  • “In the elevator, the duration is not long but definitely a great way to kick off the thing before the key part at the apartment” – 29, US
  • “The laundry room of my dorm, you know, when your girl’s putting clothes inside the machine and butt is up, you just couldn’t resist.” – 19, Hong Kong


What do you think – would you have sex in public? Thrilling or too scary? Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

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