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Most of us love having sex, and surely, more sex is the best kind of sex, right? Well actually, no. A couple could be having sex three or four times a week, but if one of them is not enjoying the experience, how good is it really? Realistically, the amount of sex people are having completely depends on several different factors. This can be whether they are in a relationship, whether they have stress in their lives, the amount of time they have spare – so many things affect it! Still, there is still an age-old question of ‘how much sex is the right amount of sex’. We asked 50 men for their thoughts on whether we should be striving for quality, emotional sex once or so per week (or less!), or whether they want to be having sex 24/7.


Well, what we found was that the results are pretty even. 46% of men prefer quality over quantity, citing the reasons for enjoying quality is that your memories of great sex are better than a lot of average sex. On top of this, they argue that all sex should be enjoyed to the maximum, so what’s the point in striving for more?


  • “Quality, if it doesn’t feel good, how can you enjoy it?” – 24, France
  • “Quality, I’m born to be a qualitative person.” – 21, Hong Kong
  • “Quality, having good sex once could be a great memory that lasts for months” – 28, Hong Kong
  • “Quality, if you don’t enjoy it, what’s the point of it?” – 31, Italy
  • “Quality, sex is all about sensation, and only quality sex could give you that.”
    – 29, Spain
  • “Quality, only good sex would make you want it again” – 30, Singapore
  • “Quality, if the two on the bed are not enjoying, it’s just a workout for you” – 28, US
  • “Quality, it’s strongly related to the reaction of your partner” – 29, UK
  • “Quality, a good sex could strengthen the relationship between your partner and yourself” – 26, Hong Kong
  • “Quality, because bad sex could keep you away from sex in the future” – 34, UK
  • “Quality, oh, it’s the linkage between my girl and me, it shouldn’t be too random” – 30, Japan
  • “Quality, if sex doesn’t feel good, why do you still have it?” – 20, Japan
  • “Quality, it’s important to make sure that your partner is enjoying too, because it could be a huge trouble afterwards if your girl just doesn’t like it” – 22, Hong Kong
  • “Quality, if it’s not a good sex, why don’t you just masturbate” – 19, Hong Kong
  • “Quality, sex is meant to be enjoyable, so, quality!” – 27, Japan
  • “Quality, sex is a crucial way to enhance the relationship of my wife and me” – 36, Hong Kong
  • “Quality, 10 pieces of shit vs 1 candy, which one would you pick?” – 30, Japan
  • “Quality, I doubt that you could experience orgasm if you don’t enjoy” – 30, UK
  • “Quality, maybe you would understand when you are 40 and have already experienced plenty of sex” – 40, Japan
  • “Quality, sex is far from a physical move but also a spiritual linkage” – 30, Singapore
  • “Quality, you either don’t have it or have a good one, that’s how I live and work” – 26, France
  • “Quality, memories are a crucial part of the post-sex period, which only sex with good quality could bring you good memory” – 26, Italy
  • “Quality, you never know when is the last time, so you should try to make every sex you have is a good quality sex” – 34, Hong Kong



On the other side of the argument, we have the 52% of men who prefer more sex over striving for the more intimate, amazing lovemaking. Their reasons state that they think sex should be fun, and why try to seek something perfect, when normal sex is on the table? Other reasons suggest that ‘no sex is bad sex’, something I’m not sure I agree with!


  • “Quantity, the more sex you have, the higher chance you have for experiencing quality sex” – 25, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity, for men, it doesn’t need to be really, really good sex for us to enjoy – team quantity here!- 23, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity, oh, as long as I could get my desire settled” – 29, Singapore
  • “Quantity, if this time is negative, then go for the next one” – 25, UK
  • “Quantity, you could control the quantity easily, but not for quality, why should you struggle with something you couldn’t control?” – 34, US
  • “Quantity, the key is orgasm, isn’t it? Any sex could give me that” – 21, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity, how could you define quality sex? Forget about it, just have as much sex as you can before you can’t.” – 32, US
  • “Quantity, if you have sex once perfectly, and that’s the only sex you could ever have in your lifetime, would you still pick that” – 34, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity. Having more sex could at least help me to release my desire of sex” – 29, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity, why so serious, it’s just sex” – Sweden
  • “Quantity, there’re just too many things to care about than quality sex” – 36, Italy
  • “Quantity, just have fun and get it done.” – 29, US
  • “Quantity, so are you just gonna stick to your one good memory? Lol” – 24, US
  • “Quantity, who would turn down perfect sex? But it’s just too hard to find.” – 29, UK
  • “Quantity, if it’s bad, it’s just once, then just leaves it and seek for the next one” – 28, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity, bro, it’s just sex, don’t put yourself into a struggle for it” – 22, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity, say your wife is not a good sex partner, what now, would you dump her?” – 30, US
  • “Quantity, I guess it’s the natural instinct of men?” – 20, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity, the world leaves me no choice because quantity is the thing that I can fully control.” – 23, US
  • “Quantity, I guess sex couldn’t be too bad?” – 19, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity, just have as much sex as you want when you are still young, or you will regret it, trust me” – 29, Singapore
  • “Quantity, which man can say no if chances to have sex keep arriving?” – 29, Hong Kong
  • “Quantity, the standard of having a quality sex is just too high for normal people like us to reach” – 26, Germany
  • “Quantity, you should just relax when you’re in bed” – 24, US
  • “Quantity, people always keep asking for more, after they received the chance to have sex, they want good sex.” – 21, US
  • “Quantity, your life would be way easier if you’re chasing for a satisfying quantity instead of quality” – 31, Spain


Remember, there’s no ‘right’ amount of sex anyone should be having. It’s a completely subjective experience and something that you should only do if you’re comfortable and open to it. Everyone is having different amounts, whether they’re married, single, dating, or anything else. Don’t be pressured into ‘more’ sex if you prefer a little less – it’s your body and you can do what you like!


What do you think – less is more, or MORE or MORE? Let us know in the comments.

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