Disclaimer: Although these responses are from real people, they sometimes do not reflect Kossie thoughts or values. We are also focusing on a sensitive subject, so please be aware before reading on!

Anal sex has long been a taboo – something that everyone knows about, something that people do but don’t talk about much, and something we see incredibly often during porn. But who’s driving the conversation about anal sex? Traditionally, it appears to be men. So WHY are men so obsessed with having anal sex? I mean, it’s a hole like any other, right? And can it really be enjoyable for women? Once again, we come to your rescue with the answers, as we’ve asked 50 REAL men on their outlook and the reasons why men love anal sex so much.

Unsurprisingly, out of the 50 men we asked, not one of them said that they wouldn’t like to have anal sex – that means 100% of men (we surveyed) would be up for it! A further 16% stated that the reasons for wanting or having anal sex was because it feels so good. I mean, that’s a reason as good as any, but you need to make sure that it feels good for YOU too, and not painful at all. Lube is your friend, friend!  
  • “The shape and temperature is just different from vagina” - 30, Indonesia
  • “It just feels better than vaginal sex, I’m not sure if that’s because of me or what” - 35, Hungary
  • “Tight, just tight.” - 24, Singapore
  • “Fresh and new” - 19, Japan
  • “The pressure inside is just exceptional” - 19, Hong Kong
  • “It just feels different compared to oral and vaginal sex, not just about the tightness inside but also about the special texture and temperature inside” - 23, Hong Kong
  • “When I go inside her anus, I could still see her vagina opening and closing at the same time, which is a double sensation for me” - 28, USA
  • “Actually it’s not a huge difference to me between vaginal and anal sex, I love both as I could put my penis into both holes.” - 22, Sweden

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