50 Legit Reasons For Why Men Send Dick Pictures

Ahh, the wonders of technology. We can call another country at the touch of a button, discover new planets and creatures, create beautiful works of art. So please tell me why is it that some men use the brilliant tech we have on offer to send…pictures of their dicks? Sexting someone you’re into is fine and dandy, but having an active social media presence, I can’t tell you the amount of unsolicited dick pics I’ve been sent over the years! So what’s the reason? Luckily, we’ve rounded up 50 of the male form to tell us exactly why they send their IRL aubergine emoijis into unsuspecting inboxes!


1.“I never do that unless I am dating someone for a while, but I assume it’s because of showing off that we got a big one.” – 26, United States


2.“I think they are hoping that will impress women.” – 45, United Kingdom


3.“A power move I guess. With all honesty…not at all my thing.” – 33, Israel


4.“Hah, usually because they just want sex and they risk it. They think it will turn a woman on and it usually doesn’t till a woman gets to know them first.” – 36, United Kingdom


5.“Wouldn’t know why men send dick pictures. Never sent one.” – 40, United Kingdom


6.“I guess because guys wanna show the girl in a way that they are sexually attracted to her, as well show them that they are a good sexual partner.” – 24, Norway


7.“Good question. Probably because it’s naughty and in the hope of getting something back.” – 37, United Kingdom


8.“Haha not sure. Definitely not something I like doing.” – 25, Canada


9.“They think it’ll make them feel appreciated.” – 30, United Kingdom


10.“To be honest, I don’t think guys send dick pics like that. It is a myth, so pretty sure your research will be inconclusive. Haha” – 27, United Kingdom


11.“God knows? The penis is not beautiful. I have never personally had that urge.” – 27, United Kingdom


12.“Don’t know, but there must be so many reasons.” – 38, Turkey


13.“Hah no idea why men send dick pictures, don’t you like it?” – 45, United Kingdom


14.“Validation I guess.” – 29, United Kingdom


15.“Because they like receiving nudes so they project their fantasies on women.” – 30, France


16.“I do not know!” – 26, United Kingdom


17.“Hahaha I have no idea, maybe it’s just an ego thing.” – 30, United Kingdom


18.“Maybe they think women haven’t discovered porn and never seen a dick before?” – 31, Estonia


19.“I can’t help you with that answer, I don’t often send them.” – 28, United Kingdom


20.“I really don’t know. I don’t exactly find it the most photogenic part of the human body.” – 39, Greece



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21.“I reckon they think once they send it you’ll be impressed and want to see it in person?” – 29, France


22.“Because we want you to compliment it and tell us how much you want it.” – 37, United Kingdom


23.“It’s like a gift because they like you.” – 32, France


24.“Haha, I don’t know. I’ve never sent one. Should I be sending them?” – 37, United Kingdom


25.“Approval, compliments, ego boost, potential to lead to something further.” – 24, United Kingdom


26.“Ummm, I wouldn’t know why men send dick pictures. I’ve never sent something like that and I never will – I think it’s silly and so out of place.” – 34, United Kingdom


27.“I can’t say as I don’t love to send dick pics.” – 28, Bulgaria


28.“I don’t? Haha” – 25, United Kingdom


29.“Ermmm, I think men struggle to know how to communicate their sexual desires with women properly and I think the urges get too much.” – 28, United Kingdom


30.“Haha. Do they? I never got one.” – 36, Italy


31.“I don’t quite get it either. Maybe they’re hoping girls will return with nudes.” – 36, United States


32.“Do you want one? I’m not that kind of guy though.” – 30, Spain

33.“Men actually do that?” – 40, United States


34.“I’m not totally sure. I think it’s probably a power move, or they think it will encourage you to what they want. Either way everyone does dumb stuff when they are horny.” – 24, United Kingdom


35.“Because they like to share the joy?” – 37, France


36.“Perhaps they think it’s their best quality.” – 26, United Kingdom


37.“Probably to try to gain self assurance that they can turn you on or are desirable.” – 26, United Kingdom


38.“Not sure I would consider myself part of that group.” – 44, United States


39.“I got no idea. I don’t do that! It’s so corny, don’t you think?” – 30, United States


40.“I think it’s exhibitionism. Cheap thrills! Basically modern flashing.” – 41, Italy


41.“I guess people lack the ability to have a substantial conversation so that’s what they throw in there.” – 25, United Kingdom


42.“I suppose to get the point straight away?” – 42, Italy


43.“I think to show off their masculinity and because when they receive nudes, they get excited, don’t they?” – Italy


44.“Trying to show off I guess?” – 33, United Kingdom


45.“Maybe men think girls love to see dick photos and girls do like big ones – sending photos is a way to verify its size, right?” – 31, Hong Kong


46.“Well I think partially, it’s similar to men who flash women in public parks. In terms they get off from exposing themselves but I don’t think it’s the primary reason. Maybe it is the case of a numbers game, they want a quick lay so will hope one of many women they send a pic to will respond positively?” – 32, United Kingdom


47.“The dick pic thing is beyond me! You’re more likely to get a photo of my dinner.” – 39, United States


48.“Hahaha. I have no idea. Do they do that all the time?” – 44, United Kingdom


49.“Maybe they are proud? Who knows?” – 37, United Kingdom


50.“I suspect it’s a misguided thought that somehow you seeing a picture of a penis will mean you will either 1. Not being able to resist and decide to sleep with said person or 2. In the hope of getting a nude back…” – 29, United Kingdom


Wow, the insight! I’m actually struck with the amount of guys who said they have never or would never send one – are you sure!? There’s some brilliant psychology in these answers, such as the guy who said that some men project the fantasy onto the woman – they send a nude in the hopes of receiving one back. I’m not sure how many women that’s actually worked on, but good theory. I personally believe that some (not all!) men are led by their dicks, so sending an image in the hopes of skipping the small talk is what they think is their best bet. They’re just shooting their shot, right? Hmm…well, maybe not. Perhaps they should take some advice from some of our other men up above who hold off on sending those dick pics!

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