50 Legit Reasons For Why Men Send Dick Pictures

Ahh, the wonders of technology. We can call another country at the touch of a button, discover new planets and creatures, create beautiful works of art. So please tell me why is it that some men use the brilliant tech we have on offer to send…pictures of their dicks? Sexting someone you’re into is fine and dandy, but having an active social media presence, I can’t tell you the amount of unsolicited dick pics I’ve been sent over the years! So what’s the reason? Luckily, we’ve rounded up 50 of the male form to tell us exactly why they send their IRL aubergine emoijis into unsuspecting inboxes!   1.“I never do that unless I am dating someone for a while, but I assume it’s because of showing off that we got a big one.” - 26, United States   2.“I think they are hoping that will impress women.” - 45, United Kingdom   3.“A power move I guess. With all honesty…not at all my thing.” - 33, Israel   4.“Hah, usually because they just want sex and they risk it. They think it will turn a woman on and it usually doesn’t till a woman gets to know them first.” - 36, United Kingdom   5.“Wouldn’t know why men send dick pictures. Never sent one.” - 40, United Kingdom  

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