Friends, friends, friends (or friends with benefits?)…. We all want to be Mr./Ms. Popular. But what happens if we dare or happen to escalate those friendships into sexual escapades? Men and women often use partners to release sexual tension in times of need, and they probably would not want the emotional or financial burden of a relationship. Is this ethical? I mean, the sex industry is surely going to face setbacks if we all choose to boycott prostitutes, sex toys and pornos. I guess it doesn’t matter if the sex is for free and your partner looks hot. Friends with benefits are convenient when you want the D at 12a.m., an intimate friendship or further connections (providing you with resources).  However, drawbacks include S.T.Ds, unwanted pregnancies and bodily bacteria? Just kidding! Seriously, there are NO drawbacks… C’mon sex is fun! However, people may or may not see things glamorously as I do. Let’s explore the responses to understand people’s opinions.
  1. “The guy I’m sleeping with is not boyfriend material. He’s not something I’m looking for. We want sex.”- 28, F, Hong Kong
  2. “The person I’m seeing has the traits of the perfect partner. But I’m not ready to make a commitment as yet.” - 25, F, Hong Kong
  3. “I don’t want to get into a committed relationship... just something easy and fun.” - 27, M, Hong Kong
  4. “I feel like I’m too young to have friends with benefits. When it gets serious, then it causes problems...” - 18, M, Hong Kong
  5. “I still want to see other people....” - 17, F, Hong Kong
  6. “It’s because a lot of the time she is afraid and doesn’t have the time for a commitment. I fear getting hurt and have loads of work to do.” - 18, F, Hong Kong
  7. “Sometimes, guys are more emotional. Better to have some distance... I don’t want them to get angry and have hurt my feelings.” - 18, M, Hong Kong
  8. “I’m too busy for a real relationship.” - 27, M, Hong Kong
  9. “My main thing is that I’m not ready to fully incorporate another human being in my life because that means I have to compromise my own routine and lifestyle for my mental space right now. Friends with benefits is more manageable and flexible.” - 24, F, UK

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