In a relationship (even without the cheating part), there will be times where you feel loved, bored, happy, stressed and depressed. It is a complex smorgasbord of emotions that you endure over a period of time. For example, some people say a relationship is like buying a pair of Gucci heels in the wrong size. You get so excited at first, but get disappointed in the end. Worst of all, you need to keep wearing it over the years, so you would not feel like you’ve wasted all of your HARD-EARNED money, as you can’t get a fu*king refund.  Now, it is time to evaluate whether your ‘hubby’ or ‘sweetheart’ is worth keeping now that you’ve found out he/she is not perfect and does NOT have the ‘right-size’ (*throwing darts at ex’s picture). Of course, this is only my opinion.

It is unclear, as to why women accept cheating in a relationship. For example, if a man sleeps with 3 other girls in one night, the girlfriend is willing to accept the boyfriend over the incidents of infidelity. This grey area creates much debate. However, it confuses me, as they might be obsessed with someone that does not care about them. What a vicious cycle… I guess the reasons could range from financial dependency, personal insecurity to loneliness. To explore this issue (in-depth), here’re the responses to the topic from a range of women (of various backgrounds) to see whether or not they are passionate about their lover. Ladies, it’s time to pull your skirts up and give your relationship a diagnosis for idiotitis. Do what is best for you. Please don’t let that small ‘stiletto’ break your heart. Talk to you later, I’m busy pressing ‘block’ on FB and throwing my iPhone in the bin. Bye.

  1. “Women often stay in the relationship because of the money and would like to give their partner a second chance.” – Operations Intern, 23
  2. “Maybe, these women are still in love or have been drugged… Who knows?” – Government staff, 23
  3. “I guess it is human nature to cheat and women are forgiving.” – Marketing, 24
  4. “I think cheating is becoming more acceptable. Open-relationships could be the norm.” –  Student, 23
  5. “Perhaps, girls choose to stay in the relationship, as their partners can threaten them with naked pictures, violence or verbal abuse.” – Student, 24
  6. “Long-distance and open relationship: Many couples simply do not have the time or energy to fight. I guess couples are becoming understanding and realistic of their expectations.” – Human Resources, 26
  7. “True love. Relationships have problems… only real lovers can forgive each other.” – Operations Intern, 23
  8. “I can’t think of any reason at all. It’s not acceptable.” – Advertising Creative Planner, 24
  9. “Some women choose to stay in the relationship because they want to prove themselves. They hope their boyfriends can see they are better than the mistress.” – Student, 22
  10. “Maybe, these girls are cheaters themselves?…” – Marketing Intern, 23
  11. “I guess these girls want to stay with their boyfriends because they want to marry them and become rich.” – Student, 20
  12. “They want money… it’s simple.” – Advertising Planner, 22
  13. “They probably like the boyfriend’s dick too much.” – Public Relations, 24
  14. “It’s normal these days. Nobody cares.” – Public Relations, 23
  15. “Forgiveness often becomes a habit. Women are often too weak to walk away.” – Copywriting, 24
  16. “It depends…if they are in a marriage with kids, it could be very hard to walk away because it will affect the children’s well-being.” Media planning, 26
  17. “If you’re asking me, it’s unacceptable and disgusting. Women should have standards in a relationship.” – Intern, 22
  18. “It’s stupid. Women should have more confidence. They should not accept cheating at any cost.” – Student, 19
  19. “Maybe the girl is too dependent on the boyfriend to leave.” – Student, 24
  20. “I guess this person is too in love to leave the relationship. Student, 25
  21. “People believe in second chances.” – Advertising Planner, 24
  22. “These women probably have children and need financial support.” – Management trainee, 25
  23. “Maybe, the cheating works both ways. He cheats, I cheat. Probably, cheating isn’t a huge problem in their relationship.” – Human Resources, 26
  24. “I think the girlfriend doesn’t care about the boyfriend. They want a superficial relationship.” – 20, Student
  25. “I will kill him.” –  Model, 37
  26. “They are cheating because they want to feel satisfied about sex.” –  Housekeeper, 37
  27. “I think these women are only interested in ‘friends with benefits’. This is probably why they can accept cheating in a relationship.” – Student, 22
  28. “If anyone cheats, we should break up. I will not accept it at any cost.” Student, 23
  29. “For me, if I knew my boyfriend cheated on me. I would not forgive him. Although, other people forgive their partners because of love and devotion.” Student, 23
  30. “Women often accept cheating because they have low self-esteem and think they need to please their partner.” –  Student, 19

  31. “I think women accept cheating because their partner can provide necessities such as food, clothing and water.” –  Student, 19
  32. “Married women often stay in the relationship because of the child. They want the child to have a normal and decent upbringing with the dad being around.” – Student, 19
  33. “Women prefer the harmony and safety of being with a partner, So they do not care about emotional attachment.” – Student, 19
  34. “Some women have no ability to work, so they depend on their husbands for money.” – Student, 19
  35. “A lot of women accept cheating because they are worried about not being able to build another relationship.” – Student, 19
  36. “I think some people have a kind heart and are willing to give the partner a second chance. Some people have open relationships, so it’s becoming a trend nowadays.” – Student, 19
  37. “I will tolerate his action because he will be depressed and unhappy if I decide to leave.” – Student, 20
  38. “Sometimes women get attached too quickly in a relationship. If they break up with the boyfriend, they will lose everything all at once.” – Town planner, 57
  39. “Women accept cheating in a relationship because they fear change.” – Business Owner, 27
  40. “Some girls are financially dependent on their boyfriend/husband. So they can’t leave that easily.” – Student, 25
  41. “I believe women accept cheating in a relationship because they have a kind heart and do not easily get jealous.” – Student, 22
  42. “Lots of women don’t want to say bye to their boyfriends… so they choose to forgive them.” – Student, 19
  43. “They might really love their partner and would like to give them a second chance.” – Student, 19
  44. “Maybe the partner is rich?” – Student, 22
  45. “Maybe they want someone to protect them because they lack confidence or love from friends and family.” – Student, 22
  46. “They don’t want to break up because they want to show off to their friends that the partner is very handsome LOL.” Student, 19

  47. Maybe that partner is very good at cooking, cleaning, or giving good advice, so they are willing to let them off this one time. 24, student
  48. “Oh, perhaps they were together for a very long time? They don’t want to lose everything over one incident, I guess.” Student, 24
  49. “I think it’s because some women have a history of love with that person and feel they can forgive them for those reasons. They believe they can rebuild that trust with those reasons too.” – Student, 27
  50. “My friend said this, ‘Some are insecure and want to stay in the relationship. Others believe that the partner will change for good.'” – Marketing Manager, 29

In the end, people are free to make their own decisions. After observing the responses, it seems clear that many women stay in dysfunctional relationships because of money, insecurity or their children. Personally, I believe that a person should get to know their partner sufficiently before committing to a relationship. For example, you may have known ‘Steve’ for five years and understand he had tendencies to cheat or be a ‘player’. With research, it could have helped you decide if this man is good enough for you before placing a bet. But, to be fair, things do change, and you can’t expect everyone to be perfect even though you thought you met the right guy. I would hope one would take the necessary precautions to avoid things like money, career or children being involved. Maybe the answer to this topic is to get rid of judgement amongst yourself, your partner and friends. Cheating is not something you can control. It is painful. But, time heals everything… Whatever your choice, it should be acknowledged that there is no right or wrong answer. Just remember to make yourself happy, whether it is spraying graffiti on your ex’s car or offering your partner 500 more chances. Do not make choices that you will regret in 10 years. That’s all I’m saying. Love, Marco.

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