It’s that time of the month again (meaning your women in period), ladies and gents… time to watch your homegirl turn into a dying t-rex and do a battle-cry right into your ears. Here’s the thing. Women turn into delicate, emotionally-fragile flowers when they have their period. Clearly, it’s not a good idea to upset them. In times of pain, your man should be there by your side to support you, no matter how stupid and ugly you look. As a matter of fact, it is a real test of a man’s character when women in their period. Think of the chocolates, hugs and flowers that you’ll get! Isn’t Benny bear, just the nicest? He is definitely a keeper. I think Zachary (your boyfriend) is a hot, sexy, multi-millionaire/underwear model with a kind and generous personality…. If only I were him. To be honest, I’m just a guy who is clueless about how the female body works. But! I have done some research, hehe. Women in period need to ovulate for new eggs to be developed. They are generally vulnerable to headaches, acne, and pain in the lower abdomen, not to mention the wildly unpredictable mood swings. Most importantly, blood literally oozes out of their bodies. Give your gal a break, man!  What makes a man sexy is his love towards his girlfriend or wife, apart from his prince charming good looks. I sincerely believe periods are an excellent way for couples to bond with each other. Terrance is there to serve you as his queen. Yet, you (Jessica) are there to count on your knight in shining armour. Romantic and beautiful; ladies, you should be happy to have hot and supportive guys in your life. I envy you. Please don’t hit them on the head with your frying pan! Remember to be rational even when you reeling in excruciating pain…I feel your pain, dear.   11. "Give her a pillow to squeeze out the pain." 20, F, Hong Kong 12. "Tell her you've got a cabinet full of tampons." 31, M, Hong Kong 13. "DON'T TELL anyone that she's on her period." 21, F, Hong Kong 14. "Don't ask a stupid question, stress her out or make fun of her." 57, F, Hong Kong

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