When we think about lying, we often think about big, hurtful things like cheating or stealing. But actually, lies can range from the big huge things you can’t come back from, to minor things that makes you wonder why someone would even lie about it in the first place. What do you class as a big lie, and what would you let slide?

We asked 50 men on whether they DO lie to their partners, and what exactly about. Any guesses?


First things first, a massive 100% of the men we asked said they DO lie to their partners sometimes! Are you surprised?


Having said that, a large percentage (18%) say they only lie to make their partners happier or to make them feel good!

  • “I love you so much; because she likes to listen to that” – 29, France
  • “Oh yes, I miss you; I guess that’s the only safe answer(?)” – 21, Hong Kong
  • “You are the one I love most, because she’s my wife now” – 29, Singapore
  • “You’re sexy and making me feel good on bed. If I said the other way round, she would be super upset I bet” – 23, US
  • “You are the sweetest girl in the universe. Sometimes telling small lies could make your partner a lot happier” – 28, Spain
  • “No, you’ve not got fat. Lie just to make her happy, bruh” – 21, UK
  • “You’re the best bae; a good lie is a good move” – 30, Spain
  • “That dress is not tight at all; you’re the only source of comment that she actually cares about” – 32, Hong Kong
  • “I have been thinking of you for the whole day; sweet words are usually lies to be very honest” – 25, Japan


14% say they lie to partners about what they’re doing and where they are, because they want to spend some time alone or with friends.


  • “I will get back to home early tonight; just a habit I guess” – 25, Hong Kong
  • “I am not playing video games now, because I don’t wanna be shouted at by her” – 21, Hong Kong
  • “I am not gonna buy NBA 2K21. She has been complaining that I have spent too much money on video games…” – 22, US
  • “I still have a lot to do; because I want to play some video games with my mates” – 20, UK
  • “I’m sleepy. I lie because I just want some free time before bed” – 23, Hong Kong
  • “I need to work overtime tonight, so I couldn’t have dinner with you…there’s suddenly a team gathering organised by my team lead” – 29, Hong Kong
  • “Yes, I’m heading back home; as I want to hang out with my friends without having to inform my girl every time like a kid” – 18, South Korea


10% lie to their partners because they are being a bit shady – looking at other girls on Insta or thinking about sex with others.

  • “That’s just a friend of mine; don’t want her to think too much” – 19, Japan
  • “I have already cut my connection with all of my ex-girlfriends; how could you tell the truth about that!?” – 24, UK
  • “Porn is not an attractive thing to me; well, I don’t want her to have too much concern towards sex” – 25, Japan
  • “I didn’t cheat on you; okay, I know I’m shit but I just couldn’t tell her the truth” – 39, Singapore
  • “Nahhhh, I don’t have a second IG account. That’s the account for me to stalk the gorgeous Insta girls.” – 22, Hong Kong


And finally, 18% lie to their partners because they don’t want to hurt their feelings!

  • “You cooked well: I don’t wanna eat takeaways every day for the rest of my life” – 31, Spain
  • “That dress looks good on you; come on, when a girl asks you whether she looks good in that clothes, “yes” is the only answer she wants” – 28, Italy
  • “Oh yea, your friend X was nice, she’s cool. If you are complaining about her friends, you’re done” – 19, Hong Kong
  • “You are the only one I wanna have sex with. Why? Why not? You can’t tell your partner the truth about that” – 35, France
  • “Hey, your new hairstyle looks fantastic! She has spent more than $1,000 for that, how could you say that it looks bad?” – 27, Germany
  • “I have only had sex with 2 girls before; ahhahah smaller number, smaller trouble” – 19, South Korea
  • “Don’t cook, just eat out. It’s because she can’t really cook…” – 24, South Korea
  • “My mom likes you; I just can’t tell her about the truth that my mom doesn’t like her at all…” – 25, Hong Kong
  • “You are the most attractive girl among your friends. Why? I do not want to die yet” – 20, Hong Kong


Here are our other responses…

  • “I have got enough money, just buy it; I want her to spend as much money as she wants without having to worry about my financial status” – 21, Singapore
  • “Don’t worry about me, I’m cool; because I don’t want her to worry about me lol” – 26, Hong Kong
  • “I didn’t lie – trying to get rid of the crime, maybe?” – 29, Japan
  • “It’s fine, oh, it’s just because I don’t wanna argue with her” – 23, Hong Kong
  • “Sure thing, I am happy with lying. Trust me, it always makes your life easier” – 34, Japan
  • “I am not sad; huh, I just don’t wanna put my negative emotion affects her” – 21, Hong Kong
  • “Just go, don’t worry about me. I just wanna let her do the things she want” – 24, Hong Kong
  • “I’m home now. I am preparing a surprise for her” – 25, Sweden
  • “I’m not tired, just sleep on my shoulder. Because she’s tired” – 22, Hong Kong
  • “I am not jealous of that boy. I don’t wanna sound like a useless boy who just takes seriously” – 24, Hong Kong
  • “I didn’t mean to lie to you, I just forgot. Lying makes things sound less serious lmao” – 26, US
  • “I’m not scared. Trying not to be a pussy I guess” – 26, Hong Kong
  • “Yeah, it’s my fault; I was so fed up with the endless arguing” – 29, US
  • “I won’t do that again. I can’t promise that to be honest” – 21, Hong Kong
  • “Never mind; trust me, the more you talk, the worse the things get” – 23, France
  • “My boss praised me in front of everyone this morning; I want her to be proud of me” – 31, Italy
  • “I don’t know; explaining is just too troublesome for me” – 26, Hong Kong
  • “I will get that done in a bit. I don’t really wanna do that actually. Who would love to move your ass at home after working all day long?” – South Korea
  • “I’m no longer interested in the nightlife; like hey, who doesn’t want to enjoy the fancy nightlife but you won’t want to mess up with your wife about that” – 36, US
  • “I can handle it, no worries. How could you make your most loved person worry about you?” – 22, Hong Kong


So you see, not all lying is inherently ‘BAD’, sometimes there are good intentions behind those little fibs. However, if you think that your partner is lying to you consistently, or to the point that you can’t trust them any longer, you may need to bring it up, or move on with someone that respects you enough not to lie.

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