OMG! YASSS!!!! My boss has given me another (and much welcome) chance to talk about my favourite subject, Sex! Personally, I’d only want to have sex with hot underwear models because it will be fun and exciting. It would make me feel less ugly if a model wanted to sleep with me (go away, mother). Please don’t judge me for being picky. After all, we have different standards, man. The right setting, the latest toys, the pair of Agent Provocateur underwear, a session of good private-part cleaning, and a good scolding that gets your partner to tone up can be wondrous for your sex life, dude. I imagine your bedroom being decorated with nothing but the finest! A Kylie Jenner-esque theme. Meaning, a minimalist look with loads of white fur, fluffy pillows and diamond chandeliers with just a pop of red from your lip-gloss vibrator. Ugh! Flabby dabby.

So it turns out that your partner is a hot underwear model who hails from Brazil, Canada or Portugal. Neither of you can understand each other. But, it hardly does matter because you’re too focused on the body language and sexual tension to give 2 sh***. The chosen positions are innovative, unique and an artistic expression of your life’s myriad struggles. I imagine moves called the Co-Worker Slap, the $1,000,000 debt (loads of *0*s, get it?), and of course, the Reverse Mortgage position. I’m getting so excited. The sesh will last for about 6 hours. 1.5 hours (per act) with a 30mins break. The best night of your life. Oh, by the way, there will be no alcohol or cigarettes. We want an authentic experience, people! Anyway, this is what I envision a good night to be like. Perhaps, someone else’s utopia could be doing it at a Chinese restaurant, the trash can or even with an old lady. Let’s face it. “Better” sex is subjective. Let’s take a look at the responses below how people enhance their sex lives.

  1. “Include your favourite sex toy.” 28, F, Hong Kong
  2. “Don’t use a condom.” M, 34, U.S.A
  3. “Communication is key…I’m conservative.” 25, F, Hong Kong
  4. “I like those rabbit thing vibrators and nipple sucking things.” M, 34, U.S.A
  5. “I like kissing, licking and sucking… everything… Foreplay is also good.” M, 28, Hong Kong
  6. “Women should let me use bondage rope on her.” 29, M, Hong Kong
  7. “When you are so hard that you forget all other emotions, except the love you have for your partner.” 22, M, U.S.A
  8. “A threesome with a hot guy and your husband.” 54, M, U.K
  9. “Do anything and everything! I like it all…no holds barred.” 29, M, Hong Kong
  10. “Sex is better when you are doing it with someone who admires you. A person who enjoys making a person feel good, whether it’s a girl who dresses well, laughs all day long or has a nice body. It’s about chemistry and putting the man in the mood.” 26, M, U.S.A

  11. “A double-bulb prism glass plug.” 34, M, U.S.A
  12. “Take a hot bath together.” 30, F, U.S.A.
  13. “Have sex with your boss, that’d be really cool.” M, 28, Hong Kong
  14. “Stick with me… I am the best.” M, 31, Hong Kong
  15. “Sleep with a tall, handsome, actor.” 22, F, India
  16. “I like foreplay. Simple but effective” 30, M, U.S.A
  17. “I like phone sex…and of course, a beautiful girl.” 28, M, U.K.
  18. “Men should find you in order to have better sex.” 36, M, Hong Kong
  19. “I like oral sex….” 18, M, Hong Kong
  20. “I think having sex with a fitness trainer would be the best… They look and feel good.” 21, F, U.K
  21. “I’d say do the same stuff. Like doing the same stuff, they do to you (depending on who it is). I just know I like it when girls do the same for me. Like going down on them or like the sexual stuff.” 21, M, U.S.A
  22. “Just do everything…” 25, M, U.S.A
  23. “Somebody who knows what they’re doing…” 20, M, U.S.A
  24. “Have outdoor sex…You can feel the ocean breeze and feel like a part of nature.” 21, F, China
  25. “I’ve got a big d*ck… I don’t need tips to have better sex.” 17, M, U.S.A
  26. “You shouldn’t have better sex! If not, your bf is going to f*ck you harder and you will be pregnant.” 27, M, Macau



  1. “I like to be tied up, handcuffed and spanked.” 35, M, Australia
  2. “Try out new sex positions…” 25, F, Hong Kong
  3. “Make sure you have cleaned yourself down there before you try oral or anal. It may be kind of fishy downstairs.” 21, M, Hong Kong
  4. “Don’t ask your boyfriend if he’s gay…” 21, M, Hong Kong
  5. “Use a condom, you won’t get pregnant like I did. That’s better sex.” 21, F, U.K
  6. “Better sex for me is being able to smell S-W-E-A-T.” 35, M, U.K
  7. “Umm…. how can sex be boring?” 26, M, Hong Kong
  8. “People (especially in HK) need more rest. They don’t have time to groom, workout or spend quality time with their partners. So, the quality of the well-being is important for good sex.” 26, M, Hong Kong
  9. “You have to experiment a little… use masks, toys, partners… you will know what works” 22, F, India

  10. “Change the scenery every now and then… try the kitchen, toilet, your friend’s house. Use your imagination.” 22, M, Hong Kong
  11. “Buy a nice leather sofa…lay down your girlfriend over it. Feels nice…” 21, M, Hong Kong
  12. “Foreplay. Get the body nice and ready and pleasure her to the fullest. Forget about toys.” 25, M, U.S.A
  13. “Just be you.” 17, M, U.S.A
  14. “One-night stands are hot… you don’t know the person, and you go to his house. Also, older men are so attractive to me. That’s good sex. It is unexpected and spontaneous.” 21, F, India
  15. “Ask your guy to dress up in sexy underwear. Tell him to be a fireman, your boss or police officer. That is so sexy.” 24, F, U.S.A
  16. “It’s hot when a guy comes inside of me.” 18, M, U.S.A.
  17. “Have secret sex in a public location like doing it at the beach, changing room or park.” 28, M, Singapore
  18. “Make sure your partner looks hot, is well-groomed and is of the same height as you.” 54, M, Hong Kong
  19. “A well-trimmed, long, thick and odour-free dick” 25, F, Hong Kong
  20. “Good music, pretty girl, nice decor and bed sheets” 21, M, Hong Kong
  21. “Doing it with someone outside of your race (black, white, Asian, Latino)” 21, F, Hong Kong
  22. “Make sure your partner is enjoying it, and that you have good communication” 21, M, U.S.A
  23. “Just do it once in your life. That way, you will force yourself to have the best sex of your life” 18, M, U.K
  24. “Make sure the lighting is good, the bed is comfy, the curtains are closed, and you have been to the gym lately. It does make a difference.” 21, M, Hong Kong


To conclude, “better” sex is definitely subjective. There are a million ways to spice up your sex life. But, I guess a good time differs among conservatives and exhibitionists. I’m an exhibitionist. I’m kind of crazy. And, I’m still a virgin lol. My favourite responses include things like ‘doing it” with your boss, having sex at a public place and just being yourself. Some respondents were a bit dirty, and I love that. I despise boring people. Life is too short to be boring. Generally speaking, people’s idea of a great time is about being 100% devoted to your partner to the point where “you smell sweat” hahaha. However, I would quickly turn away if my partner were kind of ugly. It would then be quite perverted. I don’t any hate mail saying that I’m ugly! It’s just a joke, people. After chatting with these people, I think sex is not a big deal, and it happens every day. Perhaps, I don’t need to be afraid of losing my virginity……… Like a virgin. Touch for the very first time, Like a virrrr-ginnn. With your heart-beat next to mineeeeee-woahhhhhhh. Anyway, never be afraid to be yourself in the bedroom. Unleash your inner beast. Have a good time. Please don’t get pregnant or STDs by accident. I’m kind of jealous of you. Byeeee.

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