Disclaimer: whilst these are real responses from real men, their content does not always reflect Kossie values and views. Our 50 things series is generally based around adult themes, so please do not read on if you feel uncomfortable with this.

How many times have you scrolled through Instagram and felt your heart sink, as hot girl after hot girl comes up? The likes of millions of thirsty men and women lusting over their perfect bodies, bronzed skin and en point makeup (even though they’re at the beach) taunting you? I have, and it can be quite disheartening to look at when you’re sat in your own home with a messy bun with a bare face, the remains of your midday snack staring at you.

Whilst rationally, we know that a lot of Instagram culture isn’t ‘real life’, with photo manipulation rife and nearly everyone using FaceTune, it can still affect your self-esteem. The same goes for pornstars. They look amazing whilst having sex – when in your experience, it’s a lot messier than it appears on screen! Comparison is super bad for your self-esteem and not something that should ever be done – you are you and that’s enough. However, are men secretly comparing their partners to these superhot women, most of whom it’s their full time JOB to look amazing? We found out... Very, very depressingly, 29% of men said that they WOULD compare their partners to an Insta model or pornstar. Guys, I know that those women online are insanely beautiful, but comparison is not a good way to to think of your partners! Real life isn’t like that and putting the value of a woman on just her looks is just plain wrong!  
  • “Haha. Most of the models and porn stars are hot.” - 36, Malta
  • “Yes I wish my partner looked like that.” - 29, Hong Kong
  • “Pornstars. They are more fun.” - 32, United States
  • “I want my partner to be a pornstar only in bed.” - 32, Russia
  • “Insta is better.” - 30, France
  • “My partners are usually Insta models or influencers.” - 28, United States
  • “Of course!!” - 38, Hong Kong
  • “Most of the time.” - 31, Turkey
  • “Yesss of course. That’s my fantasy!!” - 28, India

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