***Disclaimer: while these responses are from real men, they may not reflect the values and standards of Kossie. Please be aware of sensitive content.*** 

A plain and simple fact is that when you get older and meet more people, it’s very likely that you, and them, both have a past. A sexual history from many years back, spanning different partners and experiences. That’s just life. Unless sexual activity has been saved for marriage, it’s likely that your next partner will not be a virgin – and that’s okay! However, do you ever wonder if your previous sexual activity and past will impact your new relationships?

18% of men said that they do worry about their partner’s past, but only in terms of their own insecurities. Note to all: you can’t control what’s in someone else’s head, but a good way to think of it is – they’re with you, and not an ex – doesn’t that mean something?  
  • “I have the worry that my size is not big enough.” - 22, Hong Kong
  • “Does she like her past partners more than me?” - 24 Singapore
  • “It makes me think of their wonderful moment on the bed, especially when we are having an orgasm, so it could make me feel bad” - 24, Philippines
  • “Hmmm, imagine the scene when you girl and her partner were having oral sex and you are kissing with your her, so you are like kissing someone’s penis” - 28, UK
  • “What if she misses her past partners?” - 18, Hong Kong
  • “To be honest, it does make me imagine their experiences on the bed and I feel pretty bad because of that” - 20, Hong Kong
  • “I may have the question of whether I’m skilful enough for her” - 19, Hong Kong
  • “It hurts if she says that she did enjoy the sex with her previous partners” - 25, Hong Kong
  • “Feel pressured on bed as there could be a comparison between me and her partners in the past” - 26, Canada

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