So, what’s a f*ck buddy? Officially, it’s a friend or acquaintance with whom a person regularly has sex without the expectation of a romantic relationship. It’s basically all the fun of the physical side of a relationship, with no strings attached! Traditionally, it’s men who are the most likely to be the ones with multiple f*ck buddies, but in this age of sexual revolution and openness, more women are eschewing the norm and making their own rules. To be honest, I say more power to them. All of the fun, with none of the games…what’s not to love? We asked 50 guys their opinion on women having f*ck buddies and here’s what they said.


  1. “I think it’s completely fair, women should be able to have sex and enjoy themselves as well as guys and shouldn’t be a stigma around it. As long as they’re honest and open about this then it’s cool. However, if they are in a relationship then of course they shouldn’t haha” – 30, United Kingdom


  1. “Sex is fun. Women have the right to do with their bodies as they wish. Thus, I think it’s perfectly fine.” – 23, German


  1. “Well…if I’m one of them, then all good.” – 27, Australia


  1. “I think many might not be good but one or two can be viable.” – 23, France


  1. “I think it’s fine. Many, many people have multiple fu*k buddies but if I was one of yours, maybe I would feel differently. As long as everyone is involved is safe and respectful.” – 34, New Zealand


  1. “If guys can do it, so can girls.” – 33, Untied Kingdom


  1. “Hmm…I cannot judge a girl simply by her sexual activity and mentality. I believe everybody is free to enjoy life. Sexuality is something beautiful. A human aspect that should not be imprisoned. However, we all must understand others.” – 34, Mexico


  1. “As long as they being honest and use protection, should be good.” 27, United States


  1. “I believe in live and let live, so if someone has that lifestyle, I respect it. It’s actually quite refreshing.” – 33, Pakistan


  1. “Good for her. If she’s open and upfront then all good. Sounds like she would be adventurous which can be hot.” – 27, United Kingdom


  1. “They’re just living the life they want. No judgment.” – 27, United States

  1. “I think same as guys has multiple fu*k buddies. As long as they have fun without hurting each other and they use of protection, it’s completely okay. Everybody is free to do whatever they like as long as they respect and do not harm.” -32, Spain


  1. “As long as they use a condom, why not?” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “I think both sides should know it and are okay with it. I mean, we don’t have the right to judge people.” – 27, Hong Kong


  1. “I think they should do whatever they want. Cheers to them.” – 29, Israeli


  1. “I don’t see anything wrong with it.” – 28, United States


  1. “It’s really none of my business. Hopefully she uses protection though.” 38, Hong Kong


  1. “It’s pretty normal.” – 23, United States


  1. “I’d prefer to skip my opinion on this.” – 25, France


      1. “It’s kinda dirty.” – 31, Hong Kong




  1. “So what? Who cares other people think?” – 37, Hong Kong


  1. “Zero problems. If you both are honest that the relationship is casual and open, then it’s fine.” – United Kingdom


  1. “I don’t judge any girl if she has multiple sex partners. You only live once!” – 28, India


  1. “Never thought of it but I guess living life to its fullest.” – 27, Philippines


  1. “As long as she’s single, why not?” – 27, France


  1. “It’s fine as long as she’s safe and wears protection. The only real danger is getting STI.” – 26, Hong Kong


  1. “Philosophically, I can subscribe. I think as long as girls knows what she’s doing, is content and is going about her business in a mutually accorded manner without the prospect of necessarily hurting someone then live and let live frankly. We ultimately all have our indulgences and pleasures to satisfy do we not. Each to their own and what not.” – 28, Canada


  1. “Why not? I vote for equality.” – 36, France


  1. “As long as it’s with consent and you do it safe. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.” – 25, Philippines


  1. “I think that any girl is free to do their body whatever she wants. The most important thing is honesty.” – 32, United Kingdom


  1. “I don’t have a comment on that. You can do whatever you want with your life.” – 23, Spain


  1. “It’s just physiological needs.” – 23, Hong Kong


  1. “I don’t judge at all!” – 27, United States


  1. “I’m happy that she enjoys herself.” – 30, Germany


  1. “Honestly, what a girl does is totally her business so if that’s what she wants then more power to her.” – 25, United States


  1. “Well I think every girl and guy has their own needs and life, so I think it’s cool and no judgment on it.” – 26, Malaysia


  1. “I think it’s pretty liberal sexually. I have no problem with it. Just not sure how they can be so good with time management to balance a life and multiple partners.” – 32, Australia


  1. “I suppose as long as someone discloses it then it’s up to that person to accept it or say no thanks. I’m pretty open minded. It’s a world of different tastes and opinion etc. So, I’m not judging anyone.” – 40, New Zealand


  1. “I think as long as it’s fu*k buddies its okay. If she has multiple boyfriends, it’s another story.” – 30, France


  1. “There’s nothing wrong with having multiple fu*k buddies.” – 27, New Zealand


  1. “I think that as long as you’re practicing safe sex and good hygiene, and everyone understands their position. Go for it!” – 31, United States


  1. “That’s not for me to decide.” – 38, India


  1. “More power to you!” – 32, United States


  1. “I think it’s absolutely normal and people shouldn’t be ashamed of multiple partners.” – 32, Australia


  1. “I think she just hasn’t had her best sex yet.” – 36, Hong Kong


  1. “Haha. I’m okay with it.” – 31, Australia


  1. “A girl can do whatever she wants with her body as long as she’s happy.” – 28, Canada


  1. “It’s okay. If you’re single, you’re allowed to sleep with anyone you want, aren’t you?” – 30, Greece


  1. “It doesn’t matter to me indeed, my main concern is more about the health issues such as getting protection from STD and regular check-ups.” – 29, Hong Kong

  1. “The numbers don’t bother me.” – 31, United States


  1. “It doesn’t make you a bad person. As long as she isn’t lying to anyone and being safe.” – 40, Australia



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Overwhelmingly, it appears that the guys on this list have absolutely no problem with women having multiple sexual partners, or f*ck buddies! I also think women should be liberated in having sex with whomever they chose, and not have to be in a relationship whilst doing it. The clear running theme here is that you should take care of yourself and ensure that you’re being regularly tested at a Sexual Health clinic, to regularly check for STIs and other infections. In addition, always ALWAYS make sure to wear a condom, even if using other contraceptives (because they don’t cover you for STIs). Otherwise – go for it! Have the time of your life while you can.


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