***Disclaimer: whilst these are real responses from real men, their content does not always reflect Kossie values and views. Our 50 things series is generally based around adult themes, so please do not read on if you feel uncomfortable with this.***  

Within our lives, there will always be little white lies. A white lie is an untruth that is usually said to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. An example of a white lie could be telling someone the food they’ve cooked is great, when you know they’ve put a lot of effort into it but it’s juuuust not that great. Another example is when someone is panicking about having put on weight, and you tell them they haven’t.

  This type of lie appears within all kinds of relationships – friendships, familial, professional - but what about when lying encroaches into romantic relationships?   According to a recent survey, the vast majority of people in committed relationships (married, living together or otherwise) — as many as 75% admitted that they regularly lie to a significant other! That’s quite a lot. Because of this, we asked 50 men what they’d prefer in their relationships – so is it white lie or honesty they would prefer?   I’ve got to say, it was close! 62% of men said they would prefer complete honesty in their romantic relationship.  
  • “Being honest, of course.” - 28, Hong Kong
  • “Hmm…depends on what the content is. Generally, I think if you made one lie you have to use more to cover it. So why bother…” - 29, Hong Kong
  • “Hmmm…I prefer brutal honesty which is why I prefer casual relationships with limited attachment and co dependence.” - 29, United States
  • “Of course honest.” - 32, United Kingdom
  • “I try to be honest as much as I can, but white lies are needed sometimes.” - 29, United States
  • “White lies.” - 36, Hong Kong
  • “White lies don’t hurt! But being honest has it perks! Depends short term or long term…” - 36, Italy
  • “I'm not good at telling lies, usually keep silence or be honest.” - 28, Hong Kong
  • “Just be straight forward and honest.” - 36, Korea
  • “I try to be honest all the time.” - 32, Italy
  • “I'd say it sometimes depends. But most of the times honesty is the way.” - 29, Japan
  • “I ALWAYS prefer the truth. This is a very important part of my personality.” - 31, Brazil
  • “Honesty.” - 34, Netherland
  • “Definitely being honest. White lies can turn into big lies real quick!” - 32, Netherland
  • “I’d say honest when it comes to most things because that builds trust. I understand some white lies don’t hurt every once in a while if it’s not malicious!” - 30, Canada
  • “Honesty!” 30, Germany

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