Men using sex toys with their partners in bed, is it a Yes or No from them?

There are so many different ways to have sex, whether that’s alone or with a partner. Sex toys can bring a whole other adventurous side to your sex life, with no end of interesting and useful and MIND-BLOWING capabilities. Sometimes sex toys are seen as for personal use, but there are so many ways in which you can introduce sex toys to the bedroom with your partner, especially now that conversations around sex are so much more open and honest (or should be, anyway). We asked 50 men how they felt about bringing sex toys into the bedroom to gauge their feelings…  
  1. “I had many girlfriends in the past but to be honest I never tried using toys – but I’m very keen to experience it.” - 34, France
  1. “Sex with sex toys is great. It’s all about what the girl wants though, but if she’s into it (or exploring it), then absolutely.” - 29, Norway
  1. “I don’t know. I haven’t tried it before.” - 25, United Kingdom
  1. “Hmm… why not? As long as you get to have fun.” - 25, Hong Kong
  1. “Depends on the toy, but I’d be most likely into it.” - 23, South Africa

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