What does men think of low sex drive in women? We’ve already established that sex is a very important factor in a successful relationship. Libido, or sex drive, naturally varies between individuals. Having a low sex drive is not necessarily a problem, but if a person wishes to boost their libido, they can try a range of effective natural methods. Sometimes, due to work commitments or just differences in personality, a couple can become out of sync and may not feel horny at the same time as the other person. This can usually be rectified by spending some dedicated, quality time with each other. What happens when someone’s sex drive is permanently low? We asked 50 men on their thoughts on low sex drive in women:- 


1.“Everyone eventually gets horny.” – 27, United States


2. “Hmm…maybe their ex-partners ain’t been hitting it right. LOL” – 23, United Kingdom


3. “I think that woman urgently needs a boost. ;)” – 38, Hungary


4. “I guess women’s sex drive changes every day or maybe more often?” – 23, Russia


5. “Very boring!” – 33, Italy


6. “It depends on how low. Haha” – 24, German


7. “I don’t think it’d detract significantly from original attraction, but ultimately might be difficult to maintain a relationship if it’s like, zero drive etc.” – 25, Hong Kong


8. “Errr…I’d prefer high sex drive.” – 43, Hong Kong


9. “Well… sex is always fun. I pity them in that sense. However, it can cloud their senses too. So, it can be an advantage to don’t have a strong drive. Double edged sword I guess?” – 23, German


10. “They just haven’t met their magician with the right tricks yet. LOL” – 25, United Kingdom


11. “I still see them as human beings with compassion for love and affection. For some it takes time but eventually gets there at one point.” – 33, India


12. “Either they keep themselves too busy or they are not just hitting the right age yet.” – 27, Singapore


13. “I think they need to meet me!” – 25, United Kingdom


14. “I think if both men and women with a low sex drive, the problem isn’t sex drive. Is most of the time either psychological or emotional. I don’t attract to women with low sex drive because I feel that something is unbalanced there.” – 32, Brazil 


15. “I think they’re just looking for the right catalyst to increase that sex drive. ;)” – 24, India



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16. “Hmm… never had experience with that before.” – 25, Hong Kong


17. “When you’re in a long-term relationship, you might eventually reduce your sex drive as well. So…” – 28, Hong Kong


18. “At least they should be funny.” – 26, India


19. “Do they even exist?” – 23, India


20. “Well there’s nothing wrong with that. It just is what it is.” – 27, France


21. “For me, low sex drive is okay. It really depends on other attributes and how you match? But it wouldn’t be preferred.” – 31, Hong Kong


22. “They should try some new sex positions or sex toys?” – 26, India


23. “There’s nothing wrong with that but they might be missing out.” – 30, China


24. “I don’t mind as long as it’s not no sex drive, but they gotta be interesting as a person to make up for that difference. Sex is still very important though.” – 30, Canada


25. “Well first I’d try to find out the reason. Might be medication or prior abusive treatment. But if it is really super low after that, it wouldn’t be for me.” – 24, German


26. “I think women’s body is theirs to with what they want, if they’re not into sex that’s their choice, and men should respect it.” – 27, Poland


27. “They would only make good platonic friends.” – 30, Australia


28. “They are still women. It’s a natural phenomenon. I think anyone could face such a problem. In such case, she won’t be coming to your place herself, men have to take that pain to go.” – 29, India


29. “I don’t have an opinion I guess? Some people have high sex drives, some don’t. Everyone’s different and that’s okay.” – 25, United Kingdom


30. “I think women with low sex are either depressed, poor body image or have negative sexual experiences.” – 23, Hong Kong

31. “Hmm it depends on what’s the definition of low but I’d say that I’m someone with a high libido. If the person isn’t too out of sync, then it’s not a deal breaker.” – 24, Hong Kong


32. “I think this is the influence of past experience or personal characteristics. But the individual’s sex desire must still be respected.” – 30, Taiwan


33. “Not every women can be the same?” – 30, Turkey


34. “I think it really can’t be helped you know, it’s all to do with hormones in the body, I don’t mind – of course I like sex because it feels great but if you really like someone it’s not an issue.” – 30, United Kingdom


35. “Tough question. I think that they’re probably good company & drinking buddies. Less tension!” – 28, United States


36. “Just as long as the man has the same it’s fine.” – 30, United States


37. “Women may have high sex drive but like to tell people they have low sex drive due to social pressure. You know, high sex drive may tend to be labelled as slut etc.” – 28, Hong Kong


38. “To each his (or her) own! Also, my sense is that in general women’s sex drives tend to a lot more sensitive to context than men’s – especially given how little attention many guys pay to what women actually enjoy.” – 25, United States


39. “Don’t need them in my life.” – 25, Canada


40. “In my experience, that’s not a static trait, definitely situationally dependent. There’s so much variability within the individual. The connection is a big factor too. I’ve had good luck syncing up with my partner to find something that works for both of us. Trying to control all those moving parts would seem quite challenging.” 42, Czech Republic


41. “I think they’re fine. Sex is overrated.” – 26, Saudi Arabia


42. “Well it’s subjective. Low sex drive doesn’t mean no sex drive right?” – 39, Singapore


43. “I’d never be in a relationship with those type of women. Sex isn’t everything but it’s very important.” – 28, Cuba


44. “Nothing against it. Haha But if I was dating someone, I do like sex.” – 23, South Africa


45. “For all the women with low sex-drive out there, go out for dinner and drinks with me, that’ll cure it.” – 36, America


46. “I don’t really have an opinion on it. We are all different, right?” – 37, United Kingdom


47. “They violate the rule of nature. Women are born to be horny, some are just good at hiding it.” – 26, Hong Kong


48. “Well…I pity them for being with guys so awful that they tend to have low sex drives. Hahaha You know, all that they need is someone to spice it up and make them fall in love with sex again.” – 23, United Arab Emirates


49. “Well I don’t think I’d want to meet someone like that in real life.” – 30, Australia


50. “It’s not all about sex but it’s important that they do affection.” – 23, Australia


There are many psychological causes of low sex drive, including mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression. Worries such as financial stress or work stress, or poor body image can also contribute to low sex drive. Sometimes, women can have a low sex drive due to negative sexual experiences in the past. Of course, it could be that they simply naturally do not have a sex drive as high as their partners. And that is absolutely fine. You should never pressure someone into sex if they don’t want it, and equally you should not put yourself through sex if you’re not feeling it. If you and your partner are really out of sync and it’s causing problems, you should have a frank conversation about what it is that you both want out of the relationship. Either you compromise and give each other a little leeway, or if you can’t do that, it may be worth walking away to find someone who better aligns with your ideals. 

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