Disclaimer: whilst these are real responses from real men, their content does not always reflect Kossie values and views. Our 50 things series is generally based around adult themes, so please do not read on if you feel uncomfortable with this.

Women wearing make up is an age-old tradition, going back centuries. Whether you love a full-glam look or not, playing around with makeup can be a fun hobby, and something to make you feel a little more put-together when you’re feeling low. Some women don’t want to wear makeup at all – and that’s fine! There are no set rules on what you need to do and what you can do with makeup. However, there has been a long-running debate between men (like it’s any of their business?) on whether women look better with or without makeup. Not that it will change our minds about using it, but we yet again have your back and asked 50 men if they like us more without makeup...

  First of all, let’s all give these guys a round of applause. Yep...all 14% of the men we surveyed who are mature and realistic enough to understand that women are autonomous and can do their own thing. If only all men were as understanding!  
  • “I don’t mind if girl wears makeup or not. But I would appreciate that because it means she cares what I feel about her.” - 32, United States
  • “I have no firm opinion on that.” - 39, Australia
  • “I think it’s up to you how you feel with or without make up. If you feel confident with make up on, then go for it.” - 28, Hong Kong
  • “The world as you know is not black and white. Some girls look better with make up, some girls look better without make up.” - 34, Australia
  • “No man cares about the makeup. We just like beautiful girls.” - 31, China
  • “Well it depends. I think both makeup or natural can look good, and it's up to the woman to do whatever she likes.” - 38, United States
  • “It depends. Some men like women with makeup because it's like watching a beautiful painting or like a work of art. Some of you girls are talented and impressive. However, a bit too much makeup and it can feel a bit like one is seeing a false version of a person's face.“ - 31, Singapore

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