50 Thoughts that What Men Think of Highly Sexual Women
Oftentimes, there is an egregious misconception that women with high sex drive are dirty, uneducated and desperate. You often hear people insulting them far too often with names such as slut, whore or tramp. But for women with low sex drive, people would say they are unattractive, boring and conservative. I wholeheartedly believe this is a stereotype that needs to be dismantled. Not all women (who like sex) are of a low-class and/or unsophisticated. Look at Samantha Jones (from Sex and the City), Marilyn Monroe or even your girlfriends, for example. I am sure these women who love sex are lovely people and living a good life. They are hardworking working professionals, your guidance counsellors, the effervescent social butterflies and, above all, the kitty Kat within the sheets. In all fairness - what’s not to love about these ladies? It is about time that we stopped this sexist mockery. Women should be placed on an equal pedestal as men because they deserve it and everyone needs to recognize that. Why can’t she be THE woman, instead of the man? As a man, I completely understand a woman’s biological need for sex because deep down, we’re all human beings…  In general, straight/bisexual men seem to applaud sexually active women, and it is something to appreciate, not discriminate. Ladies, it is completely fine to express yourself and live your life! Here are 50 responses from various men across the world to ease your unfounded anxiety about being labelled a “slut”:-       11. "I don't know… but I like sex." 46, Japan. 12. "I think women with strong sex drive are great. Usually, they also tend to be curious, intelligent and interesting." 33, Italy. 13. "It’s tricky… Let’s say she is my girlfriend. If we are both in the same location, then its’ good. If she's not around, then it’s not so good." 28, Hong Kong.

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