50 Thoughts that What Men Think of Women with Body Hair
"Oh, my GAWDDD! Women with body hair is like totally disgusting and gross-aaaaaa". Ugh! Simple-minded human beings…If only they knew body hair is totally fabulous, and men around the world want to be the 'George of the Jungle'. Why do women want to go bald Barbie? Samantha Jones quotes: "I'm growing it out, my hair, down there. Smith enjoys a full bush." There are so many ways women can bedazzle their body hair. Ever heard of hair tattoo, crystal embellishment or branded body marketing? You can get paid by brands to show off their logo on your legs. Just kidding! Anyway, why are women forced to spend loads of money to make themselves look sexy for their man? Isn't it weird that the society doesn't shame a hairy guy, especially when his body smells like sweat, poop, pee-pee and McDonalds? Stupid gender stereotypes! I think one should remove body hair only for hygiene or operational purposes, but please, it is not worth going to hell five times a month to make Mr. Pig do-that-thing with you. You should say to him, "This is my body, it's beautiful, take it or leave it". Body hair is not always perceived so negatively. Take a look at the responses I have received for my questionnaire and you may change your mind. It may reduce the unnecessary expenses in the long run (I expect a commission for my money-saving advice!). Just remember your worth and fabulousity. You should not let society make you feel like an unpaid pornstar. End of story, honey. Here’re 50 thoughts that what men think of women with body hair:-   11.“Hair on the upper lip is a BIG turn off.” 34, U.S.A.

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