50 Real Triggers That Explain Why Men Cheat

Have you ever been heartbroken because you’ve been cheated on? I have. I felt awful but the worst thing about it is that I was so confused about the whole thing. Was it me? Was I not good enough? Was he unhappy? Was it just a case of boys being boys (which is no excuse)? There was no closure and the friends that I asked had different opinions and it was no help at all! Unfortunately, cheating is a fact of life. It happens, and it’s horrible. It might be surprising because there appears to be facts and figures for everything, but there’s no official figures for cheating, given the secretive subject matter. So what really drives men to cheat? Are they all the same? We asked 50 of them that exact question to explain why men cheat…


  1. “First of all, I wouldn’t cheat.” – 31, United Kingdom


  1. “Well, mostly sex.” – 23, Denmark


  1. “I’d never cheat. I’d just end it if things were that bad.” – 25, United Kingdom


  1. “There is none! I’m old and wise enough to realise if there’s a problem in a relationship to talk and work it out or end it.” – 43, United Kingdom


  1. “Maybe if I think she’s about to?” – 29, United Kingdom


  1. “You never know why men cheat! But for sure if the feeling is triggered it’s time to exit.” – 27, Turkey


  1. “Going to the gym and seeing girls in gym gear.” – 29, United Kingdom


  1. “I guess lack of sex?” – 25, Italy


  1. “From what I’ve learnt so far, cheating usually arises when lack of communication. Like both sides haven’t been completely open with other.” – 28, Spain


  1. “Being not fully satisfied sexually.” – 43, France


  1. “You may call it cheating, but it’s actually not. It’s fine to veer once in a while from the relationship straight-and-narrow.” – 29, India


  1. “Sexual desire!” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “Honestly, I’ve never cheated. I’ve come close but usually I end relationship. I guess, the biggest thing would be boredom.” – 30, United Kingdom


  1. “I can’t really answer this question as I’ve never wanted to cheat. If it gets to that point, it’s the end of the relationship.” – 36, United Kingdom


  1. “I don’t cheat.” – 32, Israel


  1. “I’ve never felt like I want to cheat on my partner. If I did feel that way, I would take it as a sign that the relationship wasn’t working.” – 30, United States


  1. “My answer would be ‘options’. Some people may have a lot of options and don’t have the self-discipline to resist.” – 33, United States


  1. “Hmm… that would really depend, but I would normally call the relationship off before I have anything intimate with someone else.” – 30, Singapore


  1. “Only when you no longer love your partner but too lazy to end the relationship which explains why men cheat.” – 26, Hong Kong


  1. “I think it all depends on the person and their likes and dislikes. That’s what would trigger it.” – 41, United Kingdom


  1. “Well if I’m thinking of other people, it means the relationship is pretty much over.” – 23, Bangladesh


  1. “I don’t want to cheat in a relationship. I’d rather just break up with someone first if we aren’t happy together.” – 38, United States


  1. “Damn, that’s a hard one to answer. But I think there are some issues that make you cheat or you think that the relationship is not working, so you end up exploring.” – 24, Australia


  1. “I think when I feel boredom in a relationship and want something new.” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “Uhh, not too sure on that. Haven’t cheated before or particularly felt the desire to do so. I guess if I knew that I’d been cheated on I’d want revenge?” – 29, Australia

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  1. “Not getting enough sex on a daily basis.” – 30, India


  1. “Hey, cheating is not okay!” – 26, Israel


  1. “Triggers are many or nothing.” – 40, Portugal


  1. “But why do you think it’s about cheating? Maybe it’s the feelings?” – 27, Philippines


  1. “I don’t believe in cheating.” – 31, Germany


  1. “I don’t want to cheat when I’m in a relationship. In any case, what’s the point of wasting my and my partner’s time?” – 33, Poland


  1. “To be honest, I’m not a cheater as I’d rather break up with someone if it got to the point where things are so bad that I’m contemplating cheating.” – 28, Spain


  1. “Hmm…I really don’t think I would cheat. I guess life stages could make people cheat?” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “Insecurity? I mean, I may want to meet other person if I’m not sure about the current relationship.” – 31, India


  1. “I’ve never cheated so I’m not competent to answer that.” – 33, Switzerland


  1. “Seeing big boobs?” – 27, Hong Kong


  1. “I don’t cheat in relationships because not only am I not insecure about the person I am but I also have integrity/principals.” – 24, Australia


  1. “When younger, just out of curiosity.” – 29, Hong Kong


  1. “I don’t know. I just want to see others.” – 31, Hong Kong


  1. “None – If I’m in a relationship, I won’t cheat.” – 27, United Kingdom


  1. “Grown too far apart and can’t sync anymore.” – 34, Hong Kong


  1. “I’d say lack of sex.” – 33, Greece


  1. “Nothing! I never cheated and don’t want to change that. I really hate that side of people actually. If something is wrong, either you fix it or you quit. No need to hurt someone you cared for.” – 33, France


  1. “Not having your needs met by that relationship.” – 43, South Africa


  1. “Hmmm why men cheat… I’ve never cheated, but I guess boredom.” – 30, Hong Kong


  1. “I guess, having an unhappy relationship such as bad communication and not meeting each others needs.” – 31, Singapore


  1. “The absence of what brought you into the relationship – LOVE. That’s why it’s good to consider giving same measure of love through relationship.” – 33, Benin


  1. “I personally don’t think there’s a reason for a guy to cheat in a relationship; if things are going that badly he should be honest with himself and her as well.” – 30, Hong Kong


  1. “Wow…I don’t cheat!” – 39, United Kingdom


  1. “Sexy butts.” – 29, Netherland


I’m surprised about the amount of men who said they don’t cheat! It’s actually rather heart-warming, so I do hope they were being honest. As I said, cheating is going to happen whether we like it or not. And it’s not just men – we can’t lay all the blame at their door! Women do it, too. However, personally I believe that you cheating comes from a lack of communication within a relationship – if you’re craving the attention of someone else, it’s likely that your partnership is failing. In addition, I believe you should end the relationship you’re in before entering into something with someone else – but of course sometimes, life isn’t that simple. If I have any words of advice, it would be to listen to your gut – if something doesn’t feel right in your relationship, it’s probably not. Talk it out, or get out!

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