50 Turn offs For Men That You Don’t Know

Everyone is different. We all like a variety of things from clothing, to foods to people. You know what they say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! In romantic relationships, we each have things that really attract us to one person or another. Equally, there may be some things that completely turn us off someone, whether that’s a habit, an attitude or a physical feature. The same goes for men and what they think about women. Have you every wondered what things that turn a man off a woman before they’ve even had a proper conversation? We’ve done the hard work for you and asked them, so that you can avoid doing them (or do more of them if you want to be left alone!). Here’s the turn offs for men…


  1. “Girls that smell bad.”- 28, Hong Kong


  1. “Got consent forms for this research?” – 27, Canada


  1. “Bad smelling vagina.” – 29, Greece


  1. “Like, she farts?” – 35, Hong Kong


  1. “If I was turned off, I’d turn off the lights. Does it count?” – 29, United States


  1. “I’m submissive, so I would prefer a dominant girl in bed.” – 24, United States


  1. “Well, that’s something you’d have to find out in person.” – 34, United States


  1. “I guess I’m always turned on!” – 30, India


  1. “If they don’t use mouthwash.” – 43, Hong Kong


  1. “The breath of the girl and the scent of the girl makes a lot of difference to me.” – 30, Germany


  1. “Bad breath!” – 38, Netherlands


  1. “Something smelly.” – 29, Hong Kong


  1. “Lack of lubricant and immobility of your partner’s limbs.” – 32, Hong Kong


  1. “My main turn-off is having another man in my bed.” 30, France


  1. “1. Starfish 2. Too much really slobbery kissing 3. Butt stuff (to me) 4. Teeth when giving a BJ 5. Too light a touch when jerking my dick 6. Saying I love you.” – 28, United Kingdom

  1. “I’m not sure I’ve thought much about ‘turn offs’.” – 38, United Kingdom


  1. “Maybe we should get together and you could try and find out.” – 31, South Africa


  1. “Wearing socks and a bra!” – 25, France


  1. “The woman being lazy!” – 34, United Kingdom


  1. “Hmm…someone who’s boring in bed, like not ‘fighting’ back, if you know what I mean.” – 24, Sweden



  1. “Starfish!” – 24, United Kingdom


  1. “When you tell her to get on top and she replies with ‘I hate being on top’. Get the fu*k outta here then.” – 25, Australia


  1. “I would say a vagina with hair.” – 26, Israel


  1. “Bad kissing is definitely one!” – 27, United Kingdom


  1. “Phone.” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “I’d say small boobs.” 29, Hong Kong


  1. “Bad breath.” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “A nervous girl.” – 23, Taiwan


  1. “Probably if they had body odour and are smelly.” – 29, Singapore


  1. “Umm, it’s hard to turn me off if I’m already horny! I will probably lose interest if girls don’t moan.” – 36, Egypt


  1. “Starfishes and wearing socks.” – 29, New Zealand


  1. “When she’s wearing an Apple Watch. It could be distracting.” – 30, Hong Kong


  1. “If a girl is too shy, it turns me off.” – 28, Switzerland


  1. “Excessive pubic hair.” – 38, Canada


  1. “Other guys in my bed.” – 31, France


  1. “I guess my turn-offs are taboos – I’m really open and I like to experiment.” – 23, Austria


  1. “Turn-offs in bed? When they get closer than 6 feet away and aren’t wearing a mask.” 26, Canada


  1. “Someone’s who’s not confident is a turn-off.” – 29, Canada


  1. “I guess one big turn-off is your partner isn’t enjoying sex, or there’s no foreplay. Foreplay is quite an important part for me.” – 34, Hong Kong


  1. “Selfish partners.” – 31, United Kingdom


  1. “Maybe someone too inactive is the worst turn-off.” – 28, United Kingdom


  1. “Hahaha…hairy armpits or legs!” – 33, Hong Kong


  1. “Rarely anything can turn me off in bed! Let me think, maybe a bad blow job?” – 40, France


  1. “Probably have to say someone who is a super introvert.” – 23, United States


  1. “It’s the worst when the girl starts kissing and then says, btw I got the COVID-19!” – 31, Hong Kong


  1. “Not being engaged and interactive, not moaning enough.” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “1. ‘Oh wow, you kinda look like my brother’ 2. ‘Dead fish’ routine 3. When I find out at the end that Simone used to go by Simon” – 27, Hong Kong


  1. “Sloppy kissing is definitely up there.” – 36, United Kingdom


  1. “Hmm. A girl I perceive as uptight/judgmental/unkind during a date would be a turn off I guess. Sounds cliché maybe, but it makes me uncomfortable. Otherwise, someone who’s too passive is also a huge turn off. And so is someone who is too aggressive.” – 30, Singapore


  1. “When the chick’s too hot, I get nervous and my penis doesn’t stay hard.” – United Kingdom


Well, there you have 50 turn offs for men! It’s interesting to note that most of the men mentioned turn-offs for sex, not many in day-to-day life. Whether you’ve been on two dates with a guy or have been with someone for a long time, your behaviours can really affect his reaction to you. If you’re not sure, usually his body language will tell you if what you are doing is a turn-off, if he doesn’t tell you directly. However, don’t beat yourself up! What may be a turn off for one man, maybe be the best thing even for another! Don’t go changing yourself to try to mould to someone else’s wants and needs. And hey, if you really want to get rid of someone, judging by the comments above – load up on the garlic and onions for really stinky breath!

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