Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll have heard of the new TV series taking the world by storm. Emily in Paris is the hottest thing on Netflix at the moment, starring Lily Collins as an American woman moving to Paris for a job opportunity in marketing. Over time, she struggles to succeed in the new workplace while also searching for love and experiencing several culture clashes.


Social media has been awash with opinions about the series, with some absolutely LOVING the fun clothes, the fluff, the escapism – especially during the pandemic. Others have dismissed Emily in Paris as a white-washed, xenophobic look at French culture, with one-dimensional characters.


Personally, I found Emily in Paris to be a mix of the both. I did find her and some other characters to be a little flat, and the idea that she moves to a new country and makes no effort to settle into the culture doesn’t sit well with me (the scene in the restaurant with the steak? Hello?). HOWEVER, it was a nice thing to watch on a rainy afternoon, something bubbly and light to forget what’s going on outside.


We’re not a movie review site though, so what key takeaways from Emily in Paris can Kossie share with you? Well, how to succeed in your career of course! Whether you love it or hate it, here are 6 career tips to learn from Emily in Paris!


#1 Stay Positive!

Let’s start off strong. There’s no denying that Emily is a bubbly and positive presence at work, always looking on the bright side of things. If you can face your work with a positive attitude, you might find that you can face tasks much easier and also be a positive influence on your team.


#2 Don’t Give Up…

…even if your boss is working against you or isn’t supportive. Only you know how much you can take and sometimes it can feel like the world is conspiring against you. Even when you’re feeling down or knocked back, remember the career goals you have, the reason why you’re there and keep going!


#3 Stand Up For Yourself

Truly, stick to your beliefs. Sometimes employers and employees can butt heads, something we see regularly with Emily and Sylvie. However, if you can show your arguments clearly, there’s no reason why your boss or team shouldn’t listen to you. In fact, it could be that you inspire them or change their minds. If you’re really rubbing each other up the wrong way and you’re not being listened to, consider looking elsewhere for a team that respects you.


#4 Work Hard

Okay, let’s look at some kinda negative traits Emily has. While there’s no denying that Emily is passionate about her role, it came across to me that some of her work was a little haphazard and she got lucky MANY times, rather than benefiting from the merits of true hard work. In real life, things usually don’t just fall into your lap. You’ll be much better off putting the effort in to get true, worthwhile results.


#5 Listen To The POV of Others

Emily had a tendency to speak over others and force them into what she wanted them to do – remember the commandments? While commendable that she was taking charge, maybe if she had listened to the views of her team first, there wouldn’t have been as much tension. Even if you believe you’re in the right, there’s always time to hear from your colleagues.


#6 Read The Room

When Emily first meets her team, they are gobsmacked by her and very clearly don’t ‘get’ her and Luc asks her to “stop shouting”. I KNOW it’s a TV show, but for the sake of argument – why didn’t Emily stop talking and / or ask what was wrong when she saw the expression on her team’s faces? Reading the room goes hand in hand with planning – know what you’re heading into, have a plan B and be open to changes!


Did you pick up any other career lessons from Emily in Paris? Also, did you love it or hate it? Let us know!

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