6 Signs When You Are Being Harsh On Yourself

Being hard on myself comes as second nature to me. I’ve always been the last one to forgive myself, to give myself a break, to let things go. More recently I have been working on my negative behaviours, and understanding what exactly it is that I do which leads to me being harsh to myself. The list was quite extensive - and talking to other people, it appears I’m not alone. We can be our own worst enemies! If you’re not sure why you’re feeling down, you may not have even noticed, or may not be aware that it is your own behaviour causing it. What’s important is to identify these behaviours and habits - read on to find out if you are guilty of these...  

Sign 1: You Don’t Believe In Yourself

We all love a bit of positive reinforcement and feedback from others, letting us know we’re doing the right thing, or that our work is good. But did you know that we can be our own personal cheerleaders? Hands up if you haven’t seen yours for a while. It felt like my cheerleader was on a permanent holiday until I realised I’d actually locked her out. Slowly, she began showing up for me again, jumping around with her hands in the air at my successes. If you don’t believe in yourself, the feedback from others can feel a bit hollow.  

Sign 2: You Have No Direction

What’s life without a plan? Quite difficult, actually. Unless you’re one of those magical people who never have a plan but always land on your feet, having no direction can make you feel flat, like there’s nothing to strive for. Your plan doesn’t need to be concrete or anything monumental, but just having a little idea of where you want to end up and when can really help.  

Sign 3: You Can Never Take A Compliment

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