6 Things To Do In Self Isolation During The Coronavirus

For those of you who have chosen to be, or are in enforced self isolation, the long looming time ahead might feel ominous! If you are feeling physically well enough to do something productive whilst at home, try to see this period as an opportunity, rather than wasted, dead time. If you’re out of work, make sure to create a routine for yourself - get up at a reasonable hour in the morning, have a shower and get dressed to impress normality in your day. We’ve come up with some things to do, to make the best of the weeks you have at home. This is a chance to reset, recharge and invest time in self development, creativity, self-love and even manifesting!  

#1. Move Your Body

Being at home, especially if you’re not used to it if you’re usually out at work, it can be tempting to keep your pyjamas on and slob out all day. Whilst it might be a great novelty at first, try not to do this for long. Your muscles will begin to disappear and you will begin to gain weight, not to mention just feeling slobbish. Take a walk in a nearby park if you can, or simply watch some YouTube fitness videos for inspo - there’s nothing wrong with a home workout! If you’re in isolation with friends or a partner, why not have some fun and make up a dance routine - a great way to move, whilst having fun.

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