2021 is just around the corner and now more than ever, we need to focus on our mental health. 2020 will go in the history books as one of the hardest years of all time – we’ve all had to adapt and make changes quickly, which has been difficult for all of us. So, to make things easier for you and to hold you in good stead for the year ahead, we have scoured the net for the hottest mental health trends coming up for you. 2021, here we come!


Trend #1: Virtual Therapy

COVID has kept us all at home this year and rather than sitting opposite a therapist or lying on a chaise lounge like in the movies, not many of us have visited a therapist in real life this year. Despite this, we’ve not been neglecting our mental health! More and more of us tried online and virtual therapy this year, coping with our changing environments while in the comfort of our own homes. In fact, some of us quite enjoyed it – a harrowing therapy session you’re in your safe space for? A win in my book. Virtual therapy will be something that grows in value across 2021, so get comfy and ready to talk.


Trend #2: Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a type of ‘talking therapy’, that combines the use of psychotherapy with hypnosis. Hypnosis or ‘trance’ is a very natural, relaxing state, encouraged by using guided relaxation, where the mind can relax and then focus on thoughts and suggestions that might be useful. Crucially, in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, therapists look at what the client wants to achieve, for example a better relationship or growing in confidence, rather than at whatever prompted them to seek help, like their anxiety or panic attacks. This type of therapy is useful in that it focuses on the present and future, rather than the past, and helps people to gain a shift in perspective. It’s popping up more and more, so look out for it!


Trend #3: Sound Massage

Sound massage is a practice that helps you on a physical, mental and spiritual level. This is something that is gaining more and more traction on Instagram, as practitioners introduce audiences to it to ease them in. So, what can you expect? A therapist will place varying sizes and tones of singing bowls on specific parts of your body, where the gentle vibrations will penetrate deeply into your cells, tissues and bones. The sounds and vibrations also call attention to any imbalances in your mind, body and soul to clear away any blockages, to leave you feeling balanced and whole again. You will receive a consultation to find out where your sticking points are for the therapist to focus on. Not convinced? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…


Trend #4: Self-pleasure As Self-Care

We’ve been on our own more than ever this year, and while it hasn’t been great for our mental health, it has certainly allowed up to get to grips with ourselves, in lieu of the touch of another person. In 2021, driven by the surge of self-exploration tools we’ve been trying in 2020, there will be even more of a focus on YOU TIME. It’s not just straight sex toys either (although they are all well and good). There’s sleep erotica, self-massage tutorials and so much more to ensure your pleasure is at the centre of it all. You heard it here first!


Trend #5: Productive Rest

Do you ever try to relax just to find that your mind is racing and you feel like you should be doing something? If so, we totally get it. It can be difficult to slow down your mind and take the time you need to recharge, but 2021 will be the year it’s COOL to rest. We will all be taking ‘mental health days’ and unlearning that being still isn’t productive. Being at rest IS productive because you’re keeping your energy for when you need it most, rather than spreading yourself too thin.


Trend #6: Mental Fitness

We’re guilty of this and you are too: only focusing on your mental health when you’re already in crisis. That was 2020 you. You’d work and work, pushing yourself further and further until you crack, needing therapy or a break. 2021 you will use focus on your mental health like you go to the gym. Whether that’s a self-care act every day or checking in with yourself a few times a week with a journal – your mental health is not the last thing you should be thinking of in 2021. This way, when something does go wrong, you can assess your feelings and know where you stand rather than going into crisis-mode.


Trend #7: Coaching for success

You don’t need to just rely on yourself, or a weekly therapy session for help. Do know know how much help there is out there, in the form of experts and coaches, for whatever problems you’re facing in life? Whether you want to excel in your career, improve your relationship or your relationship with yourself, there’s someone there to help. We’ve already got the ball rolling with our Q&A series – so what are you waiting for? This will be big in 2021…stay tuned.


What do you think the mental health trends for 2021 are going to be?

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